Obesity Costs More Than Smoking Or War

The epidemic of obesity has spread rapidly across the western world through lifestyle problems that move with the change in culture and wealth. A recent study from the McKinsey Global Institute has found that obesity is costing those countries, and the entire world, more than ever. The obesity crisis may be the most costly thing to the global economy, even more than the war on terror. In fact, the obesity epidemic now costs about the same as smoking, or all the armed conflict across the globe, more in dollars spent than alcoholism or climate change.
Obesity is caused by inactivity and unhealthy eating habits through a lifetime of poor health decisions. There are no medications to treat it, and along with any weight loss strategy diet and exercise modifications are required. Doctors and public health officials are finding it difficult to stem the tide of the spreading obesity epidemic, because lifestyle modifications must start in the home and involve developing new habits.
Researchers have long been studying how and why people become obesity, but losing weight has not become any easier. This is concerning for people like Stephen Williams and others out there. The best way to treat obesity is to never gain the weight in the first place because losing and keeping the weight off is extremely challenging. In total, the obesity epidemic now costs about 2.8% of all annual economic activity. Finding new ways to treat the disease at the community level will be the largest health priority for decades to come.

Chefs May Soon Be Out of a Job

If you enjoy the personal touch, you may soon be out of luck when it comes to dining out. Soon robots may be preparing your food when you go out to eat. They may also be serving it to you. Robots are already being prepped for these tasks in Thailand and China.

It might be hard to imagine giving your food order to a robot, or knowing that human hands are not making your burger. While this may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, it is true and being written about and discussed already.

The upside to this is the money that restaurants can save. However, the downside will be a large loss of jobs for those who work in the kitchen, and servers if what Terry Richardson predicts comes to fruition. It would be rather sad to see these jobs go away. Hopefully, robots taking over restaurants entirely is a long way off. Robots simply cannot take the place of actual human interaction.

People Eat Too Much Chocolate, According to Chocolate Producers

Many of those involved in the health field might say that the average person consumes too much chocolate, but few would expect the producers themselves to say so.

That’s changed, however, as two of the largest chocolate companies, Mars, Inc. and Barry Callebaut, say that people are consuming such a vast quantity of chocolate that they are not able to keep up with the demand. Marc Sparks likes chocolate as much as anyone, but he was shocked to hear this is the case.

This comes after they provided some numbers to back their claims. Those companies say that people are using up all the cocoa that the farmers could produce. Not only this, but there is an actual process to providing enough cocoa that the people are not aware of.

In the last year alone the world consumed more chocolate than it could produce in cocoa farms by at least 700,000 metric tons, which will increase with population growth to reach 2 million metric tons by 2030, which sounds crazy but true.

The problem they are facing is of two parts. The first part is the environmental issues cocoa farmers face in Ghana and Ivory Coast, especially when having a dry weather and some fungus problems attacking the yield. Another major problem that is not of less danger is the world’s insatiable need of chocolate.

As the supply is increasingly becoming smaller than the demand, this indicates a major problem that should be fixed from both sides before coming stable.

California Ship Contaminated With Norovirus

Over 150 people have Norovirus from being on a cruise ship that set sail from California. The CDC has been called in to help with all of the people who are sick.This is terrible news. My friend Marc Sparks was once affected by Norovirus and boy, let me tell ya, it wasn’t fun.

There is something to be said about a large number of people being on a cruise ship together. When there are thousands of people in confined quarters, there are likely to be illnesses that spread like fire. All it takes is one person who is sick with a stomach virus or cold for dozens of people to be affected.

When you go on a cruise, you need to think about this because it might change your mind about getting on a boat for a few days. There usually isn’t a way for people who board the ship to know they have something like a stomach virus unless they are showing symptoms before they board, and if they are, then they shouldn’t be allowed on the boat.

Pizza Hut Is Looking To Blow Your Cheesehead Off

What could be better than an ooey gooey pizza? Two of them. There are almost no limits to what you can put on a pizza. I don’t even want to get Keith Mann started on what can be considered pizza anymore. When the trend has been for most restaurants and fast food places to scale down their menus to make room for healthier options, Pizza Hut is daring to go the other direction.

Despite the trend of taking items off the menu, Pizza Hut has come up with a new way to add to their already extensive menu that is not only original but a great marketing strategy as well. The plans have been unveiled that they are in the works of revamping their 6,300 locations with a new logo. The new logo will drop the iconic red rooftop sign in exchange for a new modern logo that resembles a swirl of tomato sauce. They are going to give the employees a boost with new uniforms that are more relaxed in appearance and style.

Another tactic that Pizza Hut will put into place is the revamping of the descriptions of their ingredients. Changing wording from black olive to “Mediterranean black olives” is more enticing and appetizing to the customer. They will also be offering 16 new artesian pizzas on ten new crust creations. Six new sauces including a balsamic sauce, honey siracha and barbeque will be offered as drizzles for the pizzas.

Healthy Foods

There are people who rely on the benefits of SNAP every day in every state.

These are people who have hit hard times or single parents who are trying to pay their bills with no money left for food. The government wants to spend an enormous amount of money on the SNAP program with a few more benefits to recipients.

If those who receive the benefits purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets and other places that sell the produce, then the benefit amount would double. Fresh foods are often more expensive than microwave meals and junk food, which according to food analyst Igor Cornelsen many recipients purchase. If people have more money to spend on the healthy foods, then they will buy them for their family.

This is something that would need to be monitored so that those who receive the benefits don’t sell them, but it’s a great idea to get healthy foods into the stomachs of children.

A New Policy for Food

A group of experts have created a bid to fight everything plaguing our nation, from obesity to the budget deficit. This mystery cure has wide-ranging impact, and would affect all Americans’ every day. The proposition is a Food Policy.

What we eat, and how we grow and process our food has an undeniably large impact on our society. As there have been many Tom Rothman produced documentaries about this, it’s clear that healthcare costs increase from the obesity and diabetes epidemic. A majority of that money can be saved, with healthier lifestyles. The environment, climate change, energy production and economic inequality are all linked to our diets, and we are causing damage by not thinking about it.

So what would a Food Policy do? In an article from the Washington Post they outline the principles. To provide access to healthful food, deign farm policies to support the environment and public health, keep our food clean and safe, keep the food production system transparent, provide fair wages to employees, market food in healthful ways, reduce the carbon footprint and promote resilience in the food network.

These principles seem rational and agreeable, but how those policies are designed and enacted will be the true test. Those in power who profit from our current food system are certain to put up a fight against legislation altering their bottom line.

Truffle Prices Fall Amidst Growing Season

As of late, Truffle prices remain the same in restaurants, even as the cost of truffles goes down.

There has been a report that states truffle prices have considerably gone down when compared to last year. Truffles grow well during the summer rain, and around 30% of the truffle growth has been increased this year.

The cost of truffles has gone down to half, when compared to the cost of it two years ago, where it had enjoyed a price increase among a booming restaurant industry at the time.

When you order a truffle over risotto or potatoes, there will be around 4 grams to 5 grams of truffle. There are several restaurants that have reduced the cost of truffles owing to the reduced cost of raw truffles.

Though some restaurants maintain the cost of truffles, they are still high. My friend Sam showed me a report detailed in Bloomberg, which shows the comparison of current truffle prices with previous years. As the cost of truffles keeps changing, some restaurants have opted to change the quantity of dish instead of changing the cost.

The public has been consistently questioning this consistent changing of the prices, and may have a few reservations about the quality of food. It is pity that several truffle vendors maintain same price while supplying to restaurants as they supply on regular basis.

Most of the restaurant owners are not aware of the fall in truffle prices.

Eclectic Cuisine Features International Flavor

Thanks in large part to new technologies and the internet, traditional recipes are becoming more adventurous. Renowned chefs, restaurant managers, and harried mothers are spicing up their everyday meals with spectacular blends of international ideas. Everyday meals are becoming a melting pot of rich spices, lean proteins, and unusual vegetables.

It appears that even the quintessential American Thanksgiving dinner is not safe from the latest trends of curry, cilantro, and turmeric accents. According to SeedTable, influences from Caribbean, Indian, Mediterranean, African, and other ethnic foods have become mainstream staples in major restaurant chains over the past few years. Even prepackaged food products, seasonings, and sauces are readily available to help enterprising cooks create new concoctions that feature some traditional aspects from around the globe.

The virtual plethora of ideas, free recipe ideas, and even preparation videos online allow anyone to mix up a few ingredients and create a completely new and unique dish. Searchable websites offer users the option to plug in basic ingredients that they have in the pantry or leftover from a previous meal and experiment with flavors from around the world. Ground lamb could be turned into a traditional Irish stew or Moroccan delicacy after a cook spends a little time researching publicly posted recipe sites.

Chef Carla Hall To Open Restaurant Soon

In a telling article regarding the forward progress of notable chef Carla Hall, Erin Dejesus notes that the cook has met her $250,000 Kickstarter goal. The funds, which will be used to open her first New York City-based restaurant, come from Brian and almost 1,500 other backers. The eatery, which will be called Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, will be built in an undisclosed NYC location.

In discussing the forthcoming eatery, Carla notes that the restaurant will be a “spot next door” type of place. Gaining inspiration from her Granny’s kitchen, Carla has vowed to bring the elder woman’s “full-of-love, southern Nashville goodness” to her patrons. One of the signature entrees will be “Nashville Hot Chicken.” This meal offers a unique spin on southern fried chicken. In using a secret hot oil recipe and cooking the chicken to a crisped perfection, Carla’s innovative twist on this traditional southern recipe is certain to leave her customers full and satisfied.