Choose The Right Litigation Attorney For Your Case

Are you looking for a reputable law firm or lawyer in Brazil? Need to hire a highly experienced business litigation lawyer? With so many lawyers and law firms in Brazil, it is extremely important to do your home work before deciding on a lawyer for your legal issue. The right lawyer will take the time to evaluate your case before developing a suitable litigation strategy.

Don’t make a decision about a lawyer or law firm solely on the basis of someone else’s recommendation. Make sure the lawyer you have in mind, has a valid license to practice in Brazil. You can check with the licensing authority in Brazil, to verify the attorney’s credentials, and background information. A quick Internet search will provide you with the contact details of any regulatory agency you want to reach.

With respect to fees, lawyers sometimes have different fee arrangements. It is extremely important that you have a written agreement regarding attorney’s fees and other costs associated with handling your case. Review the contract and fee arrangement and make sure you understand the terms and conditions, before you sign in agreement.

Business and corporate lawyers have a thorough understanding of the rules and legalities in starting and operating a business or other venture. A business lawyer in Brazil will understand the particular laws that affect businesses in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a renowned Brazilian lawyer, specializes in business and corporate law. He is a litigator with over 22 years of experience representing and advising clients. He cares about his clients’ situation and makes it a top priority to get them the best possible outcome in their case. Ricardo Tosto represents companies large and small in their business transactions and in commercial litigation.

Ricardo Tosto also represents institutional and individual clients as well as politicians. He has great expertise in the field and has earned a great reputation in the Brazilian legal community, and around the world. His clients and peers have a lot of respect for him and are happy to get advice from him.

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Handy The Reliable Cleaning Service

Handy is an online residential cleaning and home service company based in New York, New York, that operates in the United States, Canada, and England. Founded in 2012 by two roommates studying at the Harvard Business School Handy has introduced a new and convenient way to book a home cleaning service, it has been compared to Uber in how it works.

Traditional cleaning agencies are sometimes unreliable, fail to thoroughly clean the premises and often overcharge their customers. Handy has taken the guess work out of hiring a reliable, thoroughly vetted cleaning profession. Handy’s mission is to be convenient, easy to use and offer benefits to both their customers and the cleaning professionals who actually perform the cleaning services.

Customers can book a cleaning service through a mobile app or the company website. Cleaning professionals who are hired by Handy are independent contractors and paid a reportable income (1099). Handy performs background checks, in-person interviews and contacts references before including them in their list of cleaning professionals. Handy takes this part of their business very seriously, only 3% of the applications received are approved.

Handy is convenient, on your mobile app enter your zip code, the number of rooms you want to be cleaned and exactly when you want to have the service performed. You will get a price quote, including tax and tip, and if you decide to accept the proposal Handy will charge the credit card you have on file. This process can take only a minute or two and if you are not fully satisfied with the job, Handy will refund 100% of your money.

Handy also benefits the men and women who work for them. According to website, their cleaning professionals are paid between $15 and $22 per hour with the average being about $18. They enjoy being able to choose the hours they want to work, are paid a good hourly wage and like the benefits of being a contract worker. Unlike being paid under the table, contract workers can prove their income when applying for a car loan, a credit card or any scenario where they might have to prove their income.

It’s easy to see why Handy is becoming so popular with both their customers and the men and women who work for them.

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Dick and Betsy DeVos Display an Admirable Philanthropic Spirit

Dick and Betsy DeVos have elicited public interest due to their high involvement in charitable initiatives. As so, Philanthropy Roundtable held an interview with Mrs. Betsy DeVos regarding her participation and supportive role in the expansion of educational-choice programs across the United States. Her support for education choice began while serving as a member of the board for American Education Reform Council and Children First America. Both organizations were driven by the objective of expanding educational choice through tax credits and vouchers. Further, Betsy revealed in the interview that she and her husband were politically involved in the passing of the 1993 charter-School bill in Michigan.


Betsy has not only supported her husband to become a prominent business personality and philanthropist but also made a name for herself in political and philanthropic spheres. Previously, she served for six years as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party.


An Insightful Look at Dick DeVos


Education Background


Richard Marvin DeVos, prominently known as Dick DeVos and son of Amway Corporation founder, is a Michigan-based businessperson and entrepreneur. He holds an impressive academic track record. DeVos is a Northwood University alumnus with a business administration degree. Also, he is a recipient of numerous honorary doctorates from several institutions including Northwood University, Grove City College, and the Central Michigan University.


Working Experience


DeVos started working at Amway in 1974. Before becoming the company’s Vice President, he held other positions in various divisions such as finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing as well as research and development. Later he left the company to serve as the Chief Executive Officer and President of his family’s NBA franchise, Orlando Magic. Between 1993 and 2002, Dick rejoined Amway Corporation to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Amway Corporation.


Charity work


Dick DeVos has also created and maintained an impressive philanthropic reputation through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Since 1990 to date, the foundation donates massively to religious, civic, artistic, free-market economic and educational organization. Some of the entities that enjoy grants from the foundation include ArtPrize Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, Davenport University, Rehoboth Christian School, Grove City College, Willow Creek Association, and many others. He also supports arts by funding various entities such as the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. Additionally, DeVos has continuously supported public interests in the Michigan area by spearheading various entities such as Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and Grand Action.


Livio Bisterzo Changing The World Through Snacking

livio visterzo give peas a chance

“We worked really hard to create a snack for the health and socially conscious consumer,” says Livio Bisterzo, founder of Green Park Brands. And that is exactly what the Los Angeles-based company has done with Hippeas.

We have entered a new age. Restaurants and food companies need to be sensitive to the dietary restrictions some people choose to enforce upon themselves. Millions of consumers are choosing vegan, kosher, gluten-free and low-carb diets. Ignoring these consumers would be foolish of any company, but Green Park Brands and Livio Bisterzo see these diets as socially conscious choices.

Hippeas are not only healthy, they are the socially conscious snack choice. The snacks have the airy feel of the cheese puff but are made entirely from chickpeas. Cultivation of the chickpea is actually beneficial for planet earth. The chickpea plant infuses the soil underneath with nitrogen, which is one of the three essential macronutrients for plant growth. The plant literally feeds mother Earth as it grows to feed us.

The company even takes care of the farmers that produce the chickpeas. Green Park Brands donates to Farm Africa, an organization that performs outreach to sub-Saharan African farms. The organization teaches farmers how to grow chickpeas in a more sustainable way while helping them with the business side of the operation. The organization’s goal is to pull these farmers out of poverty through education.

And while the snacks are delicious, they are only 100 cal per pack. And just about everyone can enjoy them because they fit into even the most rigorous dietary restrictions. The chickpeas are organic, they are naturally gluten free, they are vegan, kosher, and free of MSG. They also pack 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber into one serving. They are not only good for the earth, they are good for your body. And when you think about all the good that the company does, they are also good for your soul.

Livio Bisterzo, the man behind the operation, is an Italian born entrepreneur. In 2008, Livio Bisterzo moved to Chicago in order to partner with a private label manufacturer in order to produce a men’s grooming product. Kyoku is now sold in 26 countries.

In 2011 Bisterzo bought a Danish juice company called Little Miracles. The tea and juice mix has gone international, now being sold in 18 different countries. He has now moved to Los Angeles where he founded Green Park Holdings in order to start Hippeas.

Markus Rothkranz Nutritional Recipes

The fact is that we live in a world that bombards us with all kinds of tempting foods to eat. Most of the foods are not very nutritious. Certainly, the foods that we purchase at fast food restaurants is not very healthy. Some people practically live on nothing but fast foods and prepackaged foods. Lifestyle guru and motivational speaker, Markus Rothkranz, would like to change the way that we think about food. He is one individual that believes in living a very positive and healthy lifestyle. Of course, this begins with the food that we eat. He delivers a nutritional recipe in this video.

Markus Rothkranz Nutritional Recipes

Would you like to try an easy, fast awesome non-dairy healthy raw food crackers and cheese dish? Well, Rothkranz shares his recipe for this dish with people that view the video on YouTube. The lifestyle guru shares that it is much easier than you might think to actually start making your own healthy foods from scratch. We follow him step by step through the entire process. He also shares with the audience that the recipe is packed with all kinds of healthy vitamins and minerals. Anyone that is thinking about living a healthier lifestyle should definitely check out this video.

Markus Rothkranz

Markus Rothkranz is a lifestyle guru and motivational speaker. He quickly received worldwide recognition for his strong interest in helping others to live a much healthier lifestyle. His inspiring words about self healing and positive thinking have motivated others to join his crusade to live a more positive and healthier existence. Markus Rothkranz believes that he is living proof that you have the power within you to change bad habits and become a more positive individual. He likes sharing his personal views and thoughts on his wonderfully produced YouTube videos.

Snack Healthy with Markus Rothkranz


Inthis video, you get to witness the talented Markus Rothkranz create simple, yet beyond healthy snacks for on-the-go. Whether you’re travelling by car, plane, bus, or train, these snacks will be perfect for you and the rest of the family. To begin, Markus shows us how he creates his favorite snack, spicy cashews. First, he fills a large resealable bag with cashews. Second, he adds an oil to get the surface of the cashews wet enough to hold the spices. Third, Markus adds his two favorite spices, Cayenne and Creole, to spice things up and add the perfect amount of zest. While he is going through the steps, he makes sure to shake and manipulate the bag so the product is spread out evenly. No dehydration needed for this spicy treat!

The next treat is something like a fruit roll-up, which Markus cleverly calls Fruit Leathers. First, you grab you favorite berry (or berries), he uses raspberry and blueberry, and load them into a blender or puree machine. Second, you blend the berry until it is a nice goopy mixture. Third, you pour it out onto a wax paper and spread it out into a thin layer. Fourth, you place this sheet into a dehydration machine and let it sit. Lastly, you pull it out of the machine, peel off the fruit leather, roll them up, and enjoy! The best part is that this technique works with just more than berries. You can also use fruits like apples to get the same results. Yummy!

Adam Goldenberg’s Uber Successful Career

When Adam Goldenberg was just a child, he started his own business. He wanted to be able to run something that was his own and make money while helping people out. While this was the initial of the idea of his business, it has actually managed to seep its way into every other business venture that Goldenberg has had and manages to be the forerunner for the way that he currently runs his business. The JustFab model is based off of convenience first and success for the owners second. It has allowed them to see the type of success that only comes with having a great website.

The first thing that Adam Goldenberg ever did was to create a gaming type of platform. This was something that he did all on his own and it was originally intended to help him entertain himself. He wanted people to be able to enjoy it too, though. He started to market it which was a great idea and it quickly became very popular. The popularity was not short lived as Goldenberg had originally thought and ended up netting him a great deal of money on He sold off the business and made even more money off of that.

When he was satisfied with the money that he had made and knew that he was ready to make a bigger investment, Goldenberg chose to start yet another business. This meant investing even more capital in the business and getting it off the ground. This business was not a game but it was a program similar to the first one. He made this even more popular than the first one and it actually was better than the first. He sold it for even more money and used the capital to invest in what would become his single most popular venture.

JustFab has proven to be the best investment that Adam Goldenberg could have made. He went in with business friend Don Ressler and they were able to make sure that the business was successful. They had both been very successful and used this past of success to help them know what they should (and shouldn’t) do with JustFab on This ensured that they were successful and it gave them a chance to truly become a great business no matter where they were at. JustFab continues to be one of the top websites that women choose to shop on.

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WEN by Chaz Dean Is The Perfect Solution To Anyone’s Hair Situation

Wen By Chaz Dean has been on the market for a while and has been changing the way women see their hair only a regular basis since it was released. There are far too many products out there that promise results they can’t deliver, especially expensive products that do not work at all or even cause damage. This is why Emily McClure, Bustle Magazine writer, tested out the product to see if it could actually deliver. While the infomercials and ads are impressive, they are often a misrepresentation of the truth for many products
Emily went on to use the product for a weeks time to see how it ultimately effected her hair. Luckily, within a few days time she actually started to notice some differences, such as less hair fall and her hair was much easier to style into place. By the end of the week, Emily was happy to post up her review stating the excellent results she was able to obtain using WEN. This is because the cleansing conditioners made by Chaz Dean were extensively tested to make sure they could deliver results to women regardless of they hair type or issues, not to mention it wont break the bank just to buy one bottle.

The ingredients in WEN cleansing conditioners are all natural, leaving out all sulfates for washing and harsh chemicals that can damage the hair. There are also different varieties of WEN to use, for women with different types of hair. Best of all, WEN is not very pricey and doesn’t require a lot of work to get. At a mere $40 dollars per bottle, it’s a bargain compared to the prices of high quality salon products, and WEN can be used and ordered online from Sephora and Guthy-Renker from the comfort of home rather than needed to take a day out for salon care. Any women looking to gain some confidence and put some oomph back into their hair needs to take a look at WEN by Chaz Dean. Subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel and like the Wen Facebook page for more information.

Advantages of Makari Skin Whithening Cream.

Makari skin whitening cream is one of the biggest brands in the market that cares for one’s skin and enhance beauty. It celebrates the different charms and ultimately bringing out the best in people. In Swahili, Makari means beautiful, the lotions and creams derive their name from the name which depicts the quality. The products are made in Switzerland, and it continues to become the best brand for the customers for a relatively long time now. Makari skin whitening cream products are made from a variety of natural plant extracts that are blended in the required proportions to bring out the best skin changes and the real beauty of the skin. The Makari skin whitening cream products have the ability to restore the different skin problems such as uneven tones and marks. Due to superior quality products, Makari skin whitening cream continues to hold the top position in the industry. It would be prudent to try for enhancing the beauty and treating the skin. The various testimonials from the clients prove that Makari skin whitening cream is one of the best creams whose end results are radiant and flawless skin, the products are seasoned with perfume, and its hydra content leaves the skin soft.
Makari skin whitening cream products.
Different products suit the various needs of consumers; it would be vital to note that the goods are made and designed so as to give the clients all they would need. The products are differentiated both regarding prices and the specifications therein. It would then be hard for any client to miss the products that would suit their needs. One of the major products is the clarifying whitening exfolia; the brand has grown in recognition due to a low price and high quality. The body beautifying whitening milk not only lighten the skin but also increases the moisture content by oiling it. There are also free samples that are provided by Makari skin whitening cream; the samples are meant to give one an assurance that the products are made with utmost care so that it would have the desired effects on the skin. Caviar glycerin is blended of different nutrients that are utilized by the skin for nourishment. The glycerin and other products have the necessary nutrients that revitalize the skin and protect it from external damage.

James Dondero’s Collaboration with The Dallas Foundation to Conduct Charity Activities in Dallas.

James Dondero is a successful business and philanthropist. He established the Highland Capital Management, which is a prosperous company that is active in social responsibility. The firm lately raised the money that it uses to support charity programs to $3 million, and it needed a qualified organization to help in the supervision of the funds.

The company recently formed an affiliation with The Dallas Foundation to ensure that the charity program is successful since the organization is highly skilled in the administration of aid funds.

The collaboration was facilitated by Mary Jalonik who is the president and chief executive officer of The Dallas Foundation. James and Mary established efficient, robust, and dedicated plans that are currently helping in the management of the program. They formed the Highland Dallas Foundations, which will is a unit of The Dallas Foundation.

The donations that are offered by Mr. Dondero are mostly meant to support education, veteran and health care programs that are conducted in Dallas. The creation of the Highland Dallas Foundation will be crucial since it will allow Jim to be involved in more charity activities, which include The Bush Presidential Library, The Perot Museum, and The Dallas Zoo.

Linda Owen was also chosen by the two CEO to head the operations of the Highland Dallas Foundation. Linda was a senior employee of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, where he worked as its president and CEO.

She is highly experienced in leadership and also has various relationships that can help in the offering the best services to the North Texas-based Communities.

Mr. Dondero stated Highland Capital Management in 1993, and he is the company’s current president. The firm’s operations are run from its head office in Dallas, Texas. Jim is an expert in equity and credit markets, and his main skills are on the distressed and high output businesses.

HCM has been a leader in the formation of Collateralized Loan Obligation and services that are centered on credit for retail and organizational entrepreneurs across the globe.

James Dandero attended the University of Virginia where graduated with the highest honors in Accounting and Finance.

James Dandero is a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is part of the American Banknote and the MGM Studios’ board of directors and the chair of the CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and the Nexbank.

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