Beneful Makes It Easy For Consumers

The thing that I have noticed about Beneful is the way that my dogs have responded to it over the years. I have become a fan of this brand because it just offers so much variety. Over the years it has become something that has many flavors for my dogs to consume.

The first thing that I have noticed about the variety is the amount of wet and dry dog food that is on the market. The first thing that I decided to pick up was the chicken stew flavor. I purchased this about a year ago. I was just curious about whether my dogs will embrace this. I am a fan of chicken stew, and I was just curious about whether my dogs would also embrace this in the form of dog food. My curious nature paid off. The dogs were really impressed with this brand of Beneful dog food. The rice and peas mixture seemed to be very appeasing to them. I think that it also contains carrots. It has become a staple that I have relied on ever since.

The next thing that I would try a couple of months later was the simmered chicken medley. I thought that it sounded interesting on so I figured that it would be a good flavor to add to the mix. I was right. It was very enticing. Everyone that has a dog should consider this healthy brand of dog food. It has really become a delightful meal for my dogs.

After this I made a decision to try the Beneful originals. The other dog foods where wet pet foods so I decided to give the dry food a chance too. At first, I didn’t see a strong liking to this, but over time it has become another brand that my dogs are interested in. I think that it all comes from the fact that I have a lot of variety in the mix. There are so many flavors, and I am very excited about the way that this brand is evolving.

I think that chopped blends from Beneful on are very enticing to dogs as well. I don’t know how I have ever considered anything else, but this is a very good blend. This is one of the best brands to consider because it offers a lot of variety. Chopped blends are perfect for anyone that wants to give their dogs something nutritious.

A Dog Food Company That Cares

It’s amazing to think that Purina Beneful on petco has been helping provide nutrition to pets for over 120 years. There are so many different dog food brands around now promising that they provide the best meals for pets, but I can’t think of one that comes close to the history and development that Purina has under their belt.

It seems like many dog food brands around these days that claim to offer superior quality and products on do so taking into consideration new theories of nutrition that have not been around long enough and questioned enough to be known as a truth. Many of these researchers are the same who tell us one day that milk is bad and the next that it is good.

There is a truth to be found, however, and it comes from experience, not guesswork. Purina Beneful has a history of developing lines of nutritional food that can stand up to the test of time. Purina has always been a place that cares about their customers both pet and owner alike.

The company takes pride in their work and doesn’t hide it. There are many videos and informative pages on their websites that show exactly what Purina does, and what is in their pet food. There are many people that like to jump on bandwagons and join a mob just because they have a voice, but the truth of the matter is that Purina is simply good food for dogs and cats. I highly recommend doing some real research on the subject and seeing what people who do not have monetary incentives have to say about the subject. I was surprised myself when I realized that this business had gone so far with helping pets and communities who support the animals. Purina Is always involved with some drive or campaign to help animals and people.

To me it is the fact that companies like this go out of their way to help the people that made them who they are today. It is this philanthropic attitude, along with attention to the products they sell, and caring about customers that sets this dog food above the rest.

The City Of Santo Antonio Honors Banker Marcio Alaor

The city of Santo Antonio has a population of 27, 800 people and it is takes up about 437 square miles of the Brazilian state called Minas Gerais. The main product of Santo Antonio is fireworks. There are more than 50 firework factories in the city. But even though the city of Santo Antonio is small and landlocked it has a big heart when it comes to recognizing one of its favorite sons.
Santo Antonio has needed an exhibition hall for years, and Mayor Luís Antônio Resende decided it was time to build one. The city didn’t have a big budget, but the city had enough money to convert one of the old firework warehouses into a mini-shopping mall. The people wanted a food court inside the exhibition hall, and the city wanted to honor a man that played an important part in getting the exhibition hall finished. The man, Marcio Alaor, was born in Santo Antonio and started his business career in the city shining shoes.
Alaor doesn’t shine shoes anymore. Marcio Alaor is the Director of one of the most profitable banks in Brazil, BMG Bank. BMG Bank got started in the state of Minas Gerais more than 85 years ago. The bank was founded by the Guimarães family, and BMG Bank has been helping people ever since.
But the city of Santo Antonio didn’t name the food court in the exhibition hall in honor of Marcio Alaor because Marcio Alaor worked for BMG Bank. The city named the food court after Marcio Alaor because he has helped the city in so many other ways. Alaor has dedicated his time, his money and his heart to Santo Antonio and almost every person living in that city wanted to show their appreciation for Alaor’s service according to Mayor Resende.
Marcio Alaor appreciated the honor his neighbors bestowed on him. He told the people of Santo Antonio that he would never stop helping the city expand. His goal was to help every citizen of the city live a better life even though the country was going through one of the worst recessions in the history of Brazil. Alaor said BMG Bank stands with him and supports his mission to help the people buy homes and cars using the bank’s payroll loan program. Alaor also said he would continue to volunteer his time and money to give the needy in the city a home and food to eat.
The christening of the new food court in Santo Antonio was a great day for the city and for Marcio Alaor. And it was a great day for the country of Brazil because it showed the true colors of the country.

A Dog Park Dream by Beneful

Previously reported through PR Newswire, this current year dog food by Beneful will be enjoying the 5th yr of the Dog Park Dream design in encouraging doggie park jobs in the UNITED STATES, which range between Chihuahua toward Great Dane. Starting up in June and through-out 2015, the Beneful company is going to be sustaining budget endeavors which will operate while using local area leaders and fund raising clubs in order to help rejuvenate brand-new dog parks to life or optimise pre-existing ones from a mix of economic support, hands on participants, along with dog park proficiency. “Residential areas know their dogs and owners present a rare attachment, and certainly there is a special spot in their heart with regards to hometown doggie parks. We have now been through it our selves with the help of our dogs, and also watched it upfront through the use of our Dog Park Dream plan,” said Brent Gleckler, Beneful brand leader. “This time, I am passionate to pick an alternative plan of action to structure with every Dog Park Dream Project, permitting us to achieve all the more puppy-caring residential areas all around the country.” While 2010, the Dog Park Dream competition from Beneful has made better the lifestyles of dog owners and dogs by having impressive areas for whole doggy-adoring neighborhoods to treasure. Beneful developed several dog parks throughout the region over the preceding four yrs, which in turn contributed the ambitions of its 4 Dog Park Dream grand prizes, in addition to their 4-legged mates. Each of the four parks feature tailor-made benefits such as for instance Beneful’s trademark Doxie Tunnel, vibrant colored splashing pads, a tennis ball launching tree, and a oversized food ingredient challenge. The Beneful staff is browsing the region for high-quality business opportunities in order to provide a hand to directors of dog parks looking get started on a new job or upgrade an existing dog park, to watch their fifth year of creating doggy plans come true. Each single doggy park decided via the Beneful organization will get requirement-based money for improvement on their doggy park; the specialists will certainly examine its own knowledge around doggy park safeguard along with volunteering time period towards work side by side with community contributors to help establish their Dream Dog Park. Original Source Beneful’s Dream Dog Park program

A Wikipedia Contributor Guide

Perhaps, you are one of the millions of Wikipedia enthusiast that visit the site on a regular basis. You’ve probably wondered about writing for the site. Well, the articles on Wikipedia tend to be a bit different than writing on a regular site on-line. They are certainly more complicated than your basic blog writing too. Wikipedia writing deals more with neutrality and strong facts that are backed by sound resources to verify the information. Furthermore, Wikipedia’s biggest appeal is its authenticity. Here are a few guidelines to follow.

What’s A Wiki
The fact is that Wikipedia is a Wiki. A wiki is a site that allows the reader to edit the material that they are reading on the site. Certainly, you could not edit articles on a regular website or blog. The owner would probably get very upset. However, Wikipedia encourages their readers to edit articles. Most of the pages on the site are editable. Simply click the edit button at the top of the page and go. However, protected pages are not editable. Those pages include a lock icon at the top.

New contributors are encouraged to start with a few minor edits. Getting started editing your first page is easy. Click the edit button at the top of the page. A text box appears. Look for the section or word that you would like to edit. Next, press the save this page button. Summarize your edit in the appropriate box. You’ve just made a real edit on the Wikipedia page. Don’t forget to check the minor edit button on the page too.
Now, you are a full fledged contributor to the site. Start editing more pages.

Get Your Wiki
Get Your Wiki is a wonderful Wikipedia writing company that supplies a superb amount of high quality articles to their clients. Their staff of professional writers are very familiar with Wikipedia guidelines and write properly formatted articles that follow the Wikipedia rules. Their commitment to the client does not stop with writing. Get Your Wiki will also carefully edit, update, and monitor all articles that are written for their clients.

Wikipedia is a very popular site that is visited by millions. Anyone is allowed to edit articles on the site. Therefore, articles written require careful monitoring and updating to discourage vicious attacks or inaccurate changes on articles submitted. Get Your Wiki will handle those important tasks. Thus, relieving pressure on the client. Contact Get Your Wiki for more information on their company.

Love Your Face With Lime Crime

Makeup is something that can be unique to each woman. Over time the amount and the type of makeup that a woman wears may change. There are women that may like to wear everything from concealer to eye-shadow, and there are other women that do not like to wear anything but lipstick and mascara. Regardless of the color and the amount of makeup that a woman wears, one thing is for sure; a woman wants her makeup to make her look good. There are hundreds of different brands of makeup that a woman can choose from. This is great because a woman can find a brand that works best with her complexion, her skin type and her taste. The truth is that not all makeup brands are created equal, and in order to find a brand that is best it make take some trial and error.

Many women want to do more with their makeup then just cover their face; they want to use their makeup to express themselves. They want to use their makeup as art, and they want their face to be their pallet. Even though most makeups offer a variety of colors; they do not all have the richness in color that is needed. Lime Crime is a revolutionary makeup brand. Lime Crime offers women the opportunity to express themselves with the makeup that they wear.

All of Lime Crimes makeup is cruelty free and not tested on animals. Lime Crime was made by, and for makeup lovers. It was made by individuals that saw makeup as something that should be fun and colorful and not just boring and neutral. Doe Deere is the Creator of Lime Crime, and Deere was able to create this amazing brand with just a few hundred dollars and a dream. Now she is one of makeups most well known names. She not only has created an amazing makeup brand, but she encourages her clients to use her makeup to show their personality as well. Lime Crime offers amazing makeup, and they also offer great products for nails and for hair. Lime Crime is a brand that has become well know all around the world. All of the products that are sold by Lime Crime are also Vegan, and Lime Crime products on Amazon is made with ingredients that are non toxic.

Women around the world like to wear their makeup in different ways, and they wear makeup for different occasions. Makeup can really be more than something that covers a woman’s face. It can be the way that a woman shows her personality and expresses her artistic side. Lime Crime was made for women that want their face to be a work of art. It is a Makeup that encourages women to be themselves. Lime Crime wants women to love their face!

Sandy’s New Puppy Is Eating Beneful

Sandy walked up the old, creaky steps to her neighbor’s house. Sandy had always wanted a dog. When Sandy was a little girl, she was the first to volunteer as a dog sitter for her friends and family members. Unfortunately for Sandy, her parents were both allergic to dogs. Never one to give up on her dreams, it had taken twenty-five years for Sandy to finally bring her first puppy home. Sandy saw her neighbor Mandy struggling to lift two large bags of Beneful dog food from her car and rushed to help the frail woman.

Sandy caught one of the Beneful bags as it slipped from Mandy’s grasp. Catching sight of the Beneful dog food bag, Sandy suddenly realized she had bought everything but food for her new pup on Sandy looked over by the door and breathed a sigh of relief because sitting next to the door was a small basket of going away gifts for Sandy and her new friend. Inside the basket lay a puppy guide, some toys, and a small bag of Beneful dog food. Mandy had told Sandy that if she wished to change her pup’s food, she should introduce it a teeny-bit at a time and mix it with the pup’s old food. Sandy saw no reason to change foods, after all she had heard so many wonderful things about Beneful brand foods.

As Sandy and Mandy clumsily stumbled through the doorway with their bags of Beneful, and Sandy heard a chorus of whimpering sounds. Looking down the long hallway, Sandy caught a glimpse of five puppies. The puppies clearly knew it was dinner time, and their growing brains and body’s craved what they knew was good for them, Beneful. Onward they rushed towards the bowl of Beneful. The puppies had arrived unexpectedly when Mandy rescued their mother from a lonely back alley three months ago. Luckily for the pups and the mother dog, Mandy was a retired vet and knew how to best handle the situation. Mandy had fed the emaciated mother dog bag after bag of Beneful brand foods, and now the mother looked as healthy as could be.

Incited by the sights and smells of the Beneful dog food, Zippy the puppy was frolicking amongst his sibling, leaving the other puppies tumbling in his wake. Sandy thanked Mandy for her advice and continued watching the little pup’s antics. She threw small bits of Beneful towards the little dog, who devoured it happily. Clearly, the little pup loved Beneful, he licked his lips and stared longingly at the dog food bag.

Sandy took the Beneful Healthy Puppy Formula, the pup, and the pup’s favorite toy home with her. Sandy is one of many Beneful brand food lovers that understand how good the food is for her new dog. Beneful is great nutrition for any dog, especially those that need to stay healthy, like a new puppy. Anyone who wants a happy and healthy puppy should choose Beneful brand foods because they can help to promote good health in any dog.

ENT Classified Surgery At Nobilis

Nobilis Health is a great place where one can go if they are in need of surgery for ear, noses and throats. The doctor is often called an ENT which is exactly stated just as an ear, nose and throat doctor. They perform a variety of surgeries as well as deal with hearing issues. If there are any kind of hearing issues the doctors are certain to make sure that each and every issue is taken into account. They have helped countless people including kids with state of the art hearing aids and ways to help those who struggle with hearing including certain surgeries.

One of the most common ear surgeries are inserting tubes to help children stop struggling with one ear infection after another. Many parents get nervous over these types of surgery but one thing many parents don’t realize is inserting ear tubes is an extremely simple surgery. One of the most difficult parts of the entire process is keeping your little one quiet for the rest of the day after surgery. No really trying to keep a little one down when he wants to jump on his bed, run around and create havoc in general can be quite a problem. No worries though because most of the time there are no side effects of feeling as well as physically possible. If a child doesn’t feel good they would make sure to take it easy. If a child s not struggling they will be fine.

They also specialize in surgery that can be of great benefit to most other people. Back in the 1950’s it was huge to need tonsils removed. Today they often do not take out tonsils unless they absolutely have to. So the idea of spending a week hospitalized with a child spending that time eating nothing but vanilla ice cream is now an outpatient surgery. So when the child struggles it is often done at home with pain medication. This helps the child to heal faster as home is always the best place to go when dealing with anything that can be so hard. Nobilis healthcare always works to make sure everything is taken care of in the way it should be.

Another ENT surgery that is performed often, sinus surgery. Sinuses are often needed to be cleaned out and packed. When the surgery is performed many times it is outpatient surgery, very rarely is it inpatient. It is just one more surgery ENT’s of Nobilis Health Corp do well. Nobilis Healthcare is a system that is known for everything they do well in this world. It is important that everyone does their very best. The most important aspect of Nobilis is how they always take care of their patients well. Nobilis is a healthcare system to be proud of.

Levenson’s Life After The Hawks

Bruce Levenson recently sold the NBA Atlanta Hawks for approximately $840 million. This included the stadium concessions. Levenson is an avid basketball fan, among other sports. Aside from the bank over-estimating the sale price by a few million, which possibly eliminated a few buyers from tossing their bid into the buyer pool, the Hawks raked in a profit for Levenson.

Since the sale, the Hawks logo has been redesigned, colors on their jersey changed, and the style of their uniforms have been modified. Next season, with a new coach and trainers, the Atlanta Hawks should start the season anew. Hopefully, the trainers and team will make the hoop golden.

As for Bruce Levenson, he’ll be just as busy catching up on family life, grandchildren, and getting some R&R. Also continuing his philanthropic work he and his wife Karen are heavily involved in along with their participation in community activities.

One program Bruce and Karen started at the University of Maryland and funded the seed money to get this program off the ground is the Philanthropic-In-Resident program. This is a program introduced to students during orientation week. The program designed to motivate students to become involved philanthropists. The program provides them the education to work in non-profit businesses while earning their degree and after graduation. This program has been so successful that it has expanded into many countries around the world, such as China, India, and Japan.

Other areas the Levenson has in-depth involvement is “I Have a Dream,” the Seed School and Bringing the Lessons Home are programs that have and are doing very well in the Washington, DC Area.

Bruce is still an active part in the business UCG. He and a good friend, Ed Peskowitz are co-founders of UCG. They started this business right out of college as the ink was drying on their degrees. In a storage room over Bruce’s father’s liquor store they set up their journalism business providing honest, accurate, and informative documents and articles. Winning several awards for their reporting and gaining in popularity, they were off and running a successful business. That was years ago and they haven’t stopped their growth. With offices all over the world, other journalists providing the same accuracy, journalistic style and growing in popularity UCG maintain their high quality.

Throughout Bruce Levenson’s career, he has remained steadfast in his goals with UCG, and that is to create information that is “Targeted, Trusted, and Transformative.” This was their motto when they started the business and it has continued to be reflective of the work still being produced. Maybe he will take a break from the big basketball and play a little golf on the green, or even indulge in a little ping-pong ball with the grandchildren.

The years ahead of Levenson will only prove to be as successful as his past years, enriching lives through his philanthropy, ownership in businesses and future endeavors he chooses to challenge.

Make Selling A House Easier With Handy

Putting a house on the market to be sold can take a great time of time and effort. People who want to sell their houses often need to spend hours making sure that every little nook and cranny is as clean as possible. Someone who is going to put their house for sale may have spent months examining each corner of their house for dust and dirt. Many homeowners find that it makes a great deal of sense for them to hire someone else to assist them during this process. Outside help can help reduce the homeowner’s stress and make it possible for them to have a house that is clean and therefore sure to attract buyers once it is put on the market.

Many people have found it helpful to find a cleaning company via an app called Handy. Handy allows any given person to log on to the company’s site or download the app and search for a cleaning company in their area. For those who are in the process of selling their homes, this service can be the ideal help they need. Finding the right cleaning service for help can be vital when someone is having potential buyers walk through their house on a daily basis. The cleaning service can come to their door whenever it is convenient for them. This can be a great way for the client and the service to meet up.

A busy home seller may not have the time to locate a cleaning service for their needs. Interviewing someone to clean their house can take time and effort, time that may be better devoted to helping sell the house as quickly as possible. Using the app allows the homeowner to locate a service that can come when they need them to come. Someone who is selling a house may need to be away on a business trip and still need to hold an open house to help them sell their home. The right cleaning service like Handy on thehandyliquorbar can help make sure that their house is cleaned even when they are not there to do so in person. In this way, the seller can rest easier as they know that their house is as clean as possible and as attractive as possible to all potential buyers. The seller can rest easy knowing that they have professionals on their side at all times.

Handy can help make the process of selling a house far less stressful. A house that can be shown at a moment’s notice is a house that will find many more buyers. Real estate agents who know that they can bring their clients to a house that is clean and tidy at all times are likely to realize that the house will sell quickly. Knowing this means that the real estate agent is likely to bring qualified buyers to a house that is instantly ready to be seen exactly when the buyer they have found and vetted for them wants to see it.