The Inner Circle of Success

When ordinary people look at the lives of those who are deemed to be extraordinarily successful, they wonder just how that level of success was ever achieved. After all, in many ways the line between successful people and those leading ordinary lives appears to be a very fine one at best. Nevertheless, those who find the greatest success in their careers often possess an attitude that simply will not let them fail under any circumstances. In fact, they often seem to be people who find success no matter what they touch. One of these special people is Brad Reifler, who for the past 30 years has made a living interacting within the inner circle of success.

As a young businessman with lots of knowledge and big dreams in the 1980s, Brad was determined to see his dreams realized. Rather than work for others, he knew he had to be his own boss in order to follow his passion for economics and finance. Therefore, he forged ahead and founded Reifler Trading Company, where he spent several years as the CEO. In the course of building Reifler Trading Company into one of the world’s foremost trading companies, Brad also began to lay the groundwork for what would become an entrepreneurial success story for the ages. Utilizing an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Brad focused on analyzing equity markets and developing relationships not only with clients, but with business leaders around the world.

After selling RTC when it was the world’s leading futures trading company, Brad set his sights on greater achievements by forming Pali Capital. Determined to put together an all-star team from the top on down, he eventually positioned Pali as one of the world’s best financial services companies. Regularly consulting with leaders from Wall Street as well as executives from some of the world’s leading corporations, Brad was able to put innovative sales strategies into place and use them in new and exciting ways. Finding success for both his company and his individual clients, Brad got the attention of financial experts everywhere by joining the billion-dollar club, which occurred when it was determined Pali Capital had earned over $1 billion in commissions.

Currently the CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad continues to mingle in the inner circle of success. Regularly consulted for his financial knowledge, Brad is expected to develop and implement even more unique economic strategies in his future endeavors.  On Twitter he talks about this, and many other cool aspects of financial news and running a company.

Soros Calls Out Trump For Fueling Terrorism

Donald Trump is doing the work of the devil, according to George Soros. Soros, the most famous hedge fund manager in the world, is an incredibly smart man that has been able to predict the movement of financial markets to allow his company to grow 20 percent every year. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is also a billionaire, but a billionaire who has inherited his wealth from his father. In fact, according to Debrah Freidel of the London Review of Books, Donald Trump has lost a large sum of his father’s money. Bloomberg puts Trump’s value at $2.9 billion. Had he invested his father’s money into a mutual fund that tracked the S&P 500 and did nothing but finger paint, he would now be worth over $8 billion. Not a very savvy businessman.

But therein lies the heart of the problem today, as Forbes billionaire Soros sees it. You need to have a certain level of intelligence to understand your limitations; to understand just how stupid you are. If you are too stupid to understand how stupid you are, then you will continue to behave stupidly without shame. In this case, Trump has behaved recklessly with his father’s billions and he brags about it, calling himself a great businessman and negotiator. But now Trump is running for President, and instead of wasting billions of dollars, he is now getting dangerous with his rhetoric.

The United States is giving Trump quite a stage. The Presidential nomination process takes over a year and the media is intently focused on a handful of figures. So when Donald Trump, not realizing his own limited intellect, calls on the banning of all Muslims to the United States, the world is forced to listen. And just like mosquitoes to a bug zapper, his populist (and boarder line fascist) message brings out the worst in the people around him. People with less intelligence are inclined to come out of the shadows because they have a celebrity leading them over a cliff like lemmings.

This might play out like a circus to most Americans, but Soros has seen this kind of verbal attack before. Born into a Jewish family inside what would become Nazi territory in Europe, he had front row seats to the power of a megalomaniac’s words. Hitler blamed all of Europe’s woes on Jewish people and that morphed into a World War, claiming millions of lives.

Now he points at Trumps rhetoric as a recruiting tool for terrorists, who need to make Muslims feel isolated in order to radicalize them. Trump’s rhetoric is a compound problem. The more he speaks, the more racist followers come out of the shadows. And racism begets more isolation for their Muslim targets, increasing the chances of radicalization.

Alexei Beltyukov Releases New Educational Technology

Alexei Beltyukov is a noted investor and entrepreneur who has used his skills to help release products to the public. He has thrown his backing behind many different items over the years, but his biggest achievement is the release of the new SOLVY education portal. Alexei is particularly proud of this product, and he believes that SOLVY can change the way kids learn. This article explains how Alexei released SOLVY as the most recent EdSurge conference for the betterment of American education.

#1: What Does SOLVY Do?

SOLVY is an education portal available to teachers and students alike. The portal provides service on both ends of the homework process, and the portal allows both teachers and students to look in on homework assignments in real time. Both parties have the ability to take quick action on homework assignments, and the protal allows for easy grading or feedback. The waiting game that happens when kids arrive at school the next day is eliminated by SOLVY.

#2: Why Is SOLVY Important?

SOLVY is the answer for all kids who are struggling with their homework. Each child may access their homework in the portal, and they may ask questions while they are completing their assignments. The process is shortened by several hours, and any student who needs help gets instant feedback. It is much easier for teachers to provide attention to their students, and teachers may post several weeks worth of homework at once.

#3: Who May Use SOLVY?

Anyone may use SOLVY at any time, but school systems may choose to invest in SOLVY to make it available to all their staff at any time. This move will help schools offer the program to anyone who needs it, and students may log in with their student ID numbers. Any student who needs help with their homework will receive help in a systematic fashion. The system provides what the student needs, and the student is immediately given feedback for the work they completed. There is never time for students to doubt what they have done.

LinkedIn really shows that Alexei Beltyukov has created the most groundbreaking education software imaginable with the SOLVY platform. SOLVY saves kids hours of frustration when they are doing their homework, and teachers may check the homework online. The open forum that provides room for feedback is a much better alternative for students and teachers who are not longer benefiting from homework as usual.  Alexei’s official website has more.

Greece To The Syrian Migrant Crisis, George Soros Believes The EU Is On The Verge Of Collapse

George Soros, the billionaire financier from the United States, is worried about the European Union. He goes further to say that the EU is on the verge of collapse because of the Syrian migrant crisis. The famous moneyman is all too familiar with the crises affecting the European Union, the most infamous of which, before this current migrant crisis, was the Greek crisis.

Greece nearly dragged the entire European Union down with it like the anchor of the ship. That is essentially how the country behaved for the EU: an anchor. To understand why, you need to understand the Shengen agreement. The agreement was reached between 26 different European countries, essentially making all 26 countries one country. Once a visitor or a citizen of any Shengen country entered what is known as the Shengen area, that person is allowed to move freely throughout the Shengen zone. Essentially, the Shenzhen area axis one country when it comes to entry and exit visas, but the free movement through the zone is not limited to citizens.

Money in the European Union is also allowed to move freely through the Shengen zone. All 26 countries agreed to use the euro as a benchmark for their currency, essentially making the EU one country when it comes to the economy and that is why this migrant crisis is so dire. George Soros understands on FX Street that with millions of impoverished migrants coming into the Shengen area, the entire EU will be affected economically. But Soros is not in favor of closing the doors to the migrants, in fact he is praised Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel for having an open door policy for migrants.

He believes that Germany should serve strong leadership in the face of this crisis, and leave the entire European Union in resolving, thereby avoiding the collapse of the EU. Soros goes further in believing that the entire should have one policy for migrants, and that the EU should grant asylum status to migrants from the Syrian crisis. It is time for Chancellor Angela Merkel and the people of Germany to take responsibility for being the most powerful country in Europe. Only Germany’s leadership can save the EU from the brink of disaster.

Soros knows migration all too well. The man was born in Budapest before the start of World War II in 1930. His family survived a brutal Nazi regime and later fled Hungary for the more peaceful shores of the United Kingdom in 1947, just after the war came to a close. Soros took advantage of his newfound security, enrolling in the School of Economics in London, eventually taking his education to the shores of the United States.

In the United States you would amass his fortune. He founded international investment funds and manage them to create enormous wealth, taking advantage of his own worldwide experience. His migrant past inspired him to become a philanthropist in 1979, funding black students at the Cape Town University in South Africa to fight apartheid. He created a foundation for the charitable donation which now operates in more than 100 countries. Is open armed views on the migrant crisis is not only benevolent, it’s financially sound.

Urbana Tops the List of Dedicated Givers

An outstanding college athlete that has made waves after college is former Villanova Wildcats lacrosse star Jon Urbana. Jon has proven over the years that he is a multifaceted and dedicated individual with much more than one interest and passion. He has consistently demonstrated a multitude of skills and interests and the desire to be a driven business owner. After college in Pennsylvania, his personal career began with the creation of the Next Level Lacrosse camp, in which Jon is its co-founder. The camp was designed to help young lacrosse players focus on their key playing skills and techniques to help them improve their performance on the field ( But it didn’t stop there because the camp was quickly followed by several other of Jon’s passions including his airplane career (Aviation Business Gazette), photography and videography. Being a dedicated Christian who spends a lot of time working for charities in the area, Jon is even reaching out and sharing the good news via Bloomberg of the savior’s message to his Twitter followers and the rest of the public. (

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like

A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

Jon has also made many Facebook videos that highlight his personal and professional interests and businesses. One of the interesting and different things about Jon is the focus in many of his videos on his compassionate side. His animal rescue and adoption videos at ( are clearly from the heart. But it doesn’t stop there because there is also his well-developed artistry as a photographer to admire (more here).

( These skills can clearly be seen in his photography. It is also demonstrated in all his posted visual media that he has an extremely good eye for color and composition elements.


If you are an avid sports fan with a strong penchant for the game of lacrosse, or a video lover you can’t help but be a fan and avid supporter of Jon Urbana. His stellar music career after college and his many personal and business interests are, at the very least, extremely unusual for a sports personality to have and completely worthy of your consideration.

Healthy Ganoderma Used In All OrganoGold Products

Most people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but you probably only know the typical coffee bean that you brew in your favorite machine. For many people, it is often a healthier option to go with something else that is brand new and innovated. This is known as Ganoderma and it is a type of mushroom that the brand OrganoGold is using in all of its products, from teas to coffees and even some beauty and health food items. This mushroom is a particularly healthy ingredient and many people are making use of it in their morning cup of brew.

The founder and CEO of the OrganoGold company is known as Bernardo Chua and he has a passion for bringing people healthy products, and only the very best Ganoderma in its all-natural state. Because of the fact that you can get an amazing product from Bernardo Chua himself, you will find that you use this coffee a whole lot more than any other that you might have sitting on the shelf. Bernardo Chua has worked diligently with his co-founders to create the brand known as OrganoGold and he strives to be one of the top Ganoderma brands out there for you to choose.

The great thing concerning Bernardo Chua is that he has put his livelihood into building the OrganoGold brand from bottom to top. Because of this, you will find that it is beneficial for you to use these products for all of the health benefits that they claim. Bernardo Chua is always looking for brand new ways to build the company and bring new product lines to his clients, which is a part of why they are so well awarded. This is why the OrganoGold company stands out from any of the others that might use this particular ingredient within the products that they are using and selling to others.

The OrganoGold company is continually growing and it is a healthful way to drink your morning coffee without consuming the beans that you are used to. While it might sound weird to be drinking mushroom in the morning, the flavors are surprisingly delicious and can be a wonderful impact on your day. Be sure to consider trying the Ganoderma ingredient offered by Bernardo Chua’s company, OrganoGold. You will find that you keep coming back for more because of the delicious tastes and flavors that you will be able to get out of it and how smooth the drink tastes as well.

Attorney Sam Tabar Advice on Stock Market Investments

Sam Tabar is a famous financial strategist and a qualified attorney who resides in the New York. Tabar graduated from Oxford University with Honors in Bachelor of Arts in 2000. He has managed to make his career moves for fifteen years now. Sir Tabar has managed to work with many firms in his career, a scenario that has advantaged him to have the best experience ever.

Attorney Tabar joined Slater and Skadden law firms as an associate in 2001. His experience and commitment to his work impressed his seniors. Tabar is a man of diverse talents and specifications. Due to his hard work and professionalism in his work, he was signed as the Senior Director and a partner in SPARX Investment Advisors to represent the business management. He worked in this firm for six years, where he made tremendous changes and evidenced development.

Strategist Tabar signed with the America Bank of Merrill Lynch on 2012 February. He got allocated as the director and had his roles included strategizing the region covered by Asia to Pacific. Tabar Sam displayed a high level of the code of ethics while at the Merrill Bank. His efforts led to his promotion as the Adar Senior Director.

Sam Tabar met the limelight of his entire career after signing a commercial agreement with Zabel LLP and Schulte Roth as a senior associate in the law firms. Apart from being a qualified and skilled colleague, Mr. Tabar ventures in the hedge funds. Tabar has made many financial returns from his investment in the hedge funds.

Tabar also acts as a consultant to commercial investors and entrepreneurs. His engagement in hedge funds has earned him great confidence to invest more in the United States stock market. Sir Tabar gives his expertise and experience to achieve the best in his career. Tabar once made a publication with the advising investors on the best ways to avoid engaging in problems while investing in commodities.

According to consultant Tabar, products need comprehensive research before investing in them. He views conducting of commodities research as the best decision-making practice. Exploration of the commodity is also a smart decision to make before investing. His advice has helped many investors to survive stiff competition in the capital market. In his current position of CEO of FullCycle Fund, Mr. Tabar definitely knows a thing or two.

Strategist Tabar once staked highly in THINX investments and encountered remarkable returns. THINX was specifically established to boost women based in America and Africa both economically and financially.  He’s created his own Go Fund Me campaign as well, to continue serving the people of Africa in new ways.

Real Estate Companies in Brazil Can Help With Your Tax Bill

People need to pay taxes. Doing so helps provide people with the kind of services they need to help make a functional society. Many people need to look for ways that they can help pay less in taxes. This helps them to have more funds on hand so they can pay their bills and meet their own needs. There are many kinds of strategies that people can use to be able to reduce their taxes and increase their take-home pay at the same time. One such strategy is to invest in real estate as this often gives people the means to help lower their overall tax bills.

Working with a company such as Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos lets foreign investors figure out ways they can help to reduce their tax bills while still investing in safe investments that are likely to see an increase in value in the future. They’ve also got their own construction programs and projects too. This company knows full well how to assist their clients in locating the best possible way for them to reduce their taxes and also see their capital grow.

The experts at this company know full well how to work with anyone from any country to help them decrease their bills and still be able to take advantage of all possible real estate opportunities. They have worked with many foreign clients from all over the world who have found that trusting them is in their best interests. Company officials can locate the right kind of investment for their needs here when they find that they have a full staff on hand to assist them with their needs and figure out which particular investments will help reduce their overall tax bills.

There are many kinds of investments to pick from in this part of the world now that the demand for rental has never been higher. Investors often discover that both commercial and residential real estate in this part of the world are likely to yield the kind of overall results they want. They will often find that doing so enables them to reduce their tax bills and to be able to diversify their portfolio at the same time. An investor can work with investors in this area and discover how much they benefit from the markets in this area. They can also learn how best to decrease their taxes as the Brazilian government welcomes investors here with a decreased tax bill and the chance to be able to reduce their taxes at home as well. This can be part of any overall investment strategy that an investor can use to help make sure their portfolio is ideal for their needs and likely to see a great deal of growth in the future as the Brazilian real estate market continues to grow and expand.

In the entire history of Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, it’s pretty clear that they’ve always managed being on top of the industry.  Be sure to visit their official site, if this company sounds interesting to you.

Even The Cat Likes Beneful Chopped Dog Food

Over the Thanksgiving I decided to share on Facebook it was time to switch our dogs food. The reason I did this is half the time they never eat what I put in their bowl and I figured if I switched the brand perhaps they would eat more. What made me change was watching the Purina dog show. I had always gone with the more expensive brand but, I just didn’t think they liked it. I don’t know, maybe dogs are more like people and prefer to eat different things instead of the same thing, day in and day out. I personally could eat the same thing but, most people can’t stomach it like my husband for instance. So long story short I changed up their food. I decided to go with the Beneful chopped blends and because they have so many different options I change it up for them every few days or so. The first chopped blend I fed them was beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. They both ate the entire bowl faster than I have ever seen them eat. Once they got the idea that they were going to get chopped blends wet food instead of the same boring food they had been eating, they come running for the food. Now that is a nice thing because I quite frankly got tired of having to round them up from outside. I get such a kick out of how they just come running. Next I let them try chopped blends chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. They ate that kind even faster, I mean really if I blinked I wouldn’t have seen them eat it. The third food they tried was the Beneful chopped blends with Salmon, tomatoes,carrots and rice. Now this is quite funny, our cat came downstairs before I let the dogs in and I caught her eating the Salmon right out of the dogs food. So now I know better and keep her away when the dogs food is down. I have found on Wikipedia that the dogs favorite is the beef carrots, barley and pea blend of chopped Beneful wet dog food. I am so glad they finally eat their food like they should.

Why Do Owners Love Beneful Dog Food? Here’s My Story

I own four dogs currently, and I have used Beneful brand dog food for more than five years now. I never used to use Beneful because it seemed as if it was always price higher than the other brands of dog foods, but the pcost of the dog food did not justify the value of it. I received a bag of Beneful dog food from one of my family members and fed it to my dogs. They fell in love with Beneful, and since, I have used more than twenty different kinds of Beneful dog food.

Wet dog foods are my dogs’ favorite, but I like to use a mixture of the foods, if not at once, then vary it throughout the day. I like to feed my dogs around four or five times a day in small portions to maintain their weight. The Roasted Turkey Medley is one of the my Golden Retrievers’ favorites, which contains barley, corn, peas, rice, and turkey. Not many other dog foods have this many ingredients, let alone authentic ingredients.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are given to my dogs at least three times a week to freshen up their breath. I do not like my dogs having stinky breath and coming close to me or my family, so I circumvent and mitigate this happening by using these Healthy Smile Dental Ridges.

Beneful Originals is my favorite type of dry dog food. When I had puppies, I gave them the dog food that was meant to be fed to puppies, but ever since, I have found that using Beneful Originals is the most popular among my dogs.

I found more information about Beneful’s many products by visiting, but the best way to experience how much dogs will like Beneful is by purchasing Beneful dog food from your nearest store.