Woman Sues California For Right To Die

There has been recent debate surrounding the death and dignity act. Just a few months ago, many of us heard about the Oregon woman, Brittany Maynard who fought hard for the right to commit medically assisted suicide to avoid the painful and potentially embarrassing days that lied ahead of her. She was able to move to a state that allowed her to do so and ended up taking her own life shortly after.


Now, 46-year-old terminally ill cancer patient Christy O’Donnell is fighting for the same rights in California. O’Donnell is an attorney in the state of California and has been advocating for the right to die with dignity for several months. She has stage 4 lung cancer and has only been give 6 months to live. Her doctors have assured her that due to her advanced illness, chances are her death could be very painful.


The Civil Rights attorney and single mother of a 20-year-old girl, O’Donnell feels like she is ready to die. She is thankful for the live she has been able to lead so far which has helped her to feel not afraid. With the support of her daughter and her legal background, O’Donnell is suing the state of California and in turn requesting she have the right to die with dignity using medically assisted suicide to aid in her death. In a recent WSJ article Boraie Development LLC mention that there is nothing more to do but stay tuned for updates with this case, as her lawsuit was just recently filed.

S’mores Oreo to Hit Shelves on Friday

Nabisco has officially announced the production of a S’mores Oreo. The limited edition cookie can be found on grocery store shelves as of Friday, just in time to herald in the summer months. The announcement came after weeks of speculation after a leaked photo of the packaging began appearing online.

According to the officials statement the Oreo will feature two graham cracker cookies with marshmallow and chocolate fillings in the center. The Boraie Development LLC team imagines the cookie will be produced throughout the summer.

Nabisco’s Oreo is one of the most iconic cookies in the world. It has a legion of faithful followers, and in recent years the company has begun releasing limited edition cookies. They have largely been successful, and throngs of fans have dedicated their time to searching out the special edition incarnations of their favorite cookie.

Limited edition flavors are released during specific seasons. Candy cane and gingerbread options can be found during the Christmas season, while flavors such as berry and strawberry milkshake can be commonly found in the spring. Pumpkin and candy corn Oreos are traditionally released in the fall. The company famously released a birthday cake flavor to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the iconic cookie. It remains the most popular limited edition Oreo of all time.

Healthy Grilling for the Summer

Now that the summer is almost here, a lot of people are getting out of the kitchen and beginning to use their grills at home. There are lots of benefits that come with using your grill in the backyard according to Boraie Development. For one, it helps you and your loved ones to get outside more and have more fun together without being confined to the kitchen area. Another benefit to grilling outside is because you’re getting healthier foods that are a lot different from anything you’d ever be able to make inside the kitchen. This is why it might be a good idea to think about healthy grilling for the summer season to change things up a bit for yourself.

One of the best ways for you to begin grilling outside is by finding a variety of different types of recipes for you to quickly try from home. These recipes should be easy and simple enough for you so that you can get them done quickly and with very few ingredients. You should be having fun with your grilling outside this summer and not worried about what types of foods and ingredients you’re going to need. Make sure that you look into a wide range of recipes to find exactly what you want for the summer season. Because there are so many different recipes out there, it is going to be quite easy for you to find what you want.

Finally – America’s Burger

Americans have always been known to “go big” in everything they do. Whether it is automobiles, houses, hair-dos, roller coaster parks or food, the American way is to super-size.

Not to be outdone by the march of ever-enlarging progress, sister chains Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. have committed to bringing the American people a hamburger they can be proud of.

Forget those annoying doctors always telling everyone who will listen how the USA is becoming the most obese country in the world. Cynicism is so pre-1960’s these days. Social tradition demands we follow the trail blazed by our 80’s and 90’s peers and go big or go home.

Twitter.com users said that in that same vein of thought, the brainchild of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. has been dubbed “The Most American Thickburger”. It contains enough food to feed a small family for at least 1 week, all packed in between two fat soaked buns.

The burger consists of a hamburger patty with cheese, a layer of Lay’s potato chips and for the grand finale the concoction adds a grilled hot dog on top that has been split down the middle. With 1,030 calories, 2,350 mg of sodium, and 64 grams of fat The Most American Thickburger is sure to cure any hunger pains a person might have – even the late Andre the Giant.

A spokesman for the company told USA Today that it took nearly a decade to develop the masterpiece.

Olive Garden To Introduce Bread Stick Sandwiches

Attention Olive Garden bread stick lovers. Be prepared to have your day made. The popular Italian-style restaurant chain has announced that they will now be offering more than just unlimited bread sticks. They are taking their bread to the next level by offering bread stick sandwiches.

The company has announced that effective June 1st they will introduce two new sandwiches to their lunch menu. They are rolling out the Chicken Parmesan version and a Meatball version to start. They plan to keep the variety limited at first to see if this product will really resonate with guests confirmed Brian Torchin (wellness.com).

According to a spokesperson from the Olive Garden, they announced that they were excited to launch the new test product. They said if they are as popular as their current bread sticks, expanding the selection shouldn’t be an issue. The company is confident that the new product will really increase lunch time sales and they will be able to move the option to their dinner menu shortly after.

This is not the first time Olive Garden has introduced an insanely creative marketing strategy. Just last year they offered the unlimited pasta passes for a seven week period. A North Carolina man purchased a pasta pass for $100. This allowed the man to get unlimited pasta, salad, bread sticks and a soft drink for seven weeks. The man said for the $100 her spent on the pasta pass he was able to eat over $1500 in food.

Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

Bulletproof Coffee is a coffee that is made from a unique recipe. The ingredient consists of grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and coffee. Some people may add drugs or different supplements to the coffee too. Overall, many consumers buy Bulletproof Coffee because it eliminates hunger and prevents jitters. The jitters often occur after people drink other coffees that have a high amount of caffeine.

Reasons Why People Should Drink More Coffee

According to a study, coffee gives consumers more antioxidants than any other food or beverage. Although antioxidants are found in fruits and veggies, the body absorbs more of the antioxidants in coffee.

The smell of coffee can also relieve stress. Seoul National University did a study with rats; the rats had trouble sleeping because they were stressed. The professors discovered that the smell of coffee helped the rats sleep because the aroma changes the proteins in their brains that were affected by stress. This is why many people brew coffee whenever they need to unwind at the end of a long day.

A cup of Bulletproof Coffee can also strengthen the liver. This is a huge benefit to people who drink lots of alcoholic beverages. There was a study in 2006 that involved thousands of beer fans. At the end of the session, the professors found that the people who consumed one cup of coffee each day had a 20 percent risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

Coffee helps people avoid severe depression too because it increases happiness. According to a National Institute of Health study, people who drink at least four cups of coffee will less likely have depression symptoms.

Overall, Bulletproof Coffee is highly recommended because it is used by entrepreneurs, celebrities, and athletes. This brand of coffee is available in many cities, so buying it is never a hassle. Bulletproof Coffee is even opening a brick and mortar store in Santa Monica.

Starbucks Now Offers Mini Frappuccinos

Starbucks has listened to its customers and now offers Mini Frappuccinos. Millions of people love their Starbucks fix, but some are hesitant to imbibe because of the high fat and calories present in many of their hot and cold drinks.

So, on the surface, this seems to be a step in the right direction to let people sip on their favorite drinks without the guilt. The only problem is that the Mini Frappuccinos are only two ounces smaller than the Tall ones, which are the smallest size available on the regular menu. A Tall Frappuccino is 12 ounces and the new mini is 10 ounces, and it contains 12 fewer grams of sugar than the tall version.

These Mini Frappuccinos will only be available until July 6th according to Alexei Beltyukov who you can check out on vimeo! Starbucks tested them in certain areas last year and found they improved sales in those stores. It hasn’t been determined whether they intend to eventually make minis a permanent part of their menu.

Starbucks Ends Water Bottle Operations in California Due to Drought

California is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in history, which has prompted many people to try to find ways to cut down on water usage. Dr. Daniel Amen is aware of the fact that despite the fact that it is increasing the severity and likely hood of wildfires,the death of over 12 million trees, and the empty reservoirs and river banks and the restrictions on water usage, there are still several companies that bottle water from California to be sold elsewhere.

Starbucks, one of the companies that had been bottling water in California, recently pulled their operations from their previous headquarters in Merced County and moving to Pennsylvania, which is not experiencing a drought. Mother Earth, which lauded the company for using the proceeds of its Ethos Water for charity, also pointed out the water itself came from Placer County which was experiencing a severe drought and was bottled in Merced County, which is also under a drought. The expectation is that now the plant is being moved, Starbucks will find a new source for its water.

The devastating drought in California has come at a huge cost to the state, which is known for its lush forests and natural habitats. Many people believe that bottling water in the middle of the drought is morally wrong, even if bottling companies are using only a small percentage of the state’s water. While the amount may be negligible, bottled water is typically a luxury item and is a waste of a valuable natural resource.

Blue Bell Knew of Ice Cream Contamination Two Years Ago and Did Nothing

According to the Federal Drug Association, the makers of Blue Bell ice cream were aware of the listeria bacteria in the Oklahoma plant two years ago. They knew it, but did nothing about it until the recent ice cream recall made by the company.
Reports from the Blue Bell company showed the floor and several other non-food surfaces at the Oklahoma plant tested ‘presumably positive’ the the listeria bacteria back in 2013. Reports also reveal that coliform bacteria in the products made at the Oklahoma plant exceeded the maximum amount which is deemed safe by the state of Oklahoma.
Blue Bell knew, but Flavio Maluf said they did nothing until three people died from listeria after eating their products. This past March, the Blue Bell company had its first ever product recall after people became ill and died as a result of eating their tainted ice cream. The Centers for Disease Control issued warnings to consumer to not eat any Blue Bell products sold in supermarkets or served by restaurants, hospitals or other vendors.
Paul Kruse, CEO of Blue Bell, did issue a public apology, but as the evidence of the company’s knowledge regarding the listeria contamination comes to light, an apology will not restore the public’s trust in the product. It won’t bring back those three customers who lost their lives after eating Blue Bell’s contaminated products either.

Man Surprises his Closest Friends in his Will

Many of us have had friends that we have been close with for years. Sometimes since the days of grade school. However, rarely do a large group of people stay friends for decades. That is not the case for Roger Brown and his seven closest friends. The eight men, who are from Swansea, all met each other at different times however each has known Roger for roughly forty years. Roger, who was an outdoor enthusiast, met his friends through Vivian Arms.

Unfortunately, Roger was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011, which was devastating for Ivan Ong to hear about. He continued to live his life to the fullest by completing a 22-mile walk before passing away at age 67 in 2013. Needless to say, his friends were heartbroken to hear that their decades-long pal had passed on. They were even more surprised to find out that Roger left the group several thousand dollars in his will for them to take a trip as a group.

The men were surprised to receive a phone call from Sam, Roger’s son giving them the news. He told the men that his father wanted them all to spend a weekend on him in a European city of their choice. The men took their trip and chose Berlin as their destination.

For the full story, check it out on Wales Online.