Pet Health: The Importance of Choosing the Best Dog Food

Dog food is not just about filling an empty tummy. It is the fuel that keeps dogs healthy and full of energy. The right nutrition has the potential to extend the life of a pet and reduce their need for veterinary care. Pets that are fed the correct diet are less likely to suffer from obesity, allergies and numerous other health problems.

When purchasing pet food it is important to consider both wet and dry foods. Dry food is affordable, easy to store and may improve dental health. Canned dog food adds a high level of nutrition to the diet, provides more hydration and contains a higher level of natural fats. Too much fat is unhealthy, but the balanced amount in wet food helps to keep skin and hair shiny. In addition, its stronger scent and flavor may encourage picky eaters or appeal better to older pets who have a reduced sense of smell or taste.

Regardless of whether wet or dry food is chosen, purchasing a trusted brand name like Beneful will help to ensure that each pet is being provided with a balanced diet. Beneful labels offer feeding guidelines that make it easy for pet owners to avoid over or underfeeding their pets.

One Powerful Vision of Organo Gold

When three strong leaders get together, the company is bound to turn heads. That is exactly what Organo Gold is doing. The culmination of three strong leaders in the business world united to create one powerful vision. Before the founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, began this venture, he had already been a world renowned and successful business man. His credentials speak for themselves, and his latest project was more a labor of love than just another effort to turn a small dream into a global success.

The founder of Organo Gold however had an idea for a business that was going to turn the world on its edge, in a good way. Organo Gold was created out of a desire, commitment, and vision, to bring an ancient Chinese herb called Ganoderma to the entire world. Already understood in the East for its powerful properties, Chua was determined to bring his vision to the world with a little help from some very influential people in the business world.

Shane Morand is the co-founder of Organo Gold, and it is believed around the world that he alone has personally sold more products that are infused with the Ganoderma than anyone involved with Organo Gold or Global Master Distributors. He has a passion for this product, and his passion spills over when he talks to develop and motivate leaders from around the globe concerning this product. The majority of the top distributors within Organo Gold all say that they utilize the blueprint that Morand has put in place to help grow their share of the company.

Currently, Organo Gold is now exploding in six continents, and there is no sign of the business slowing down any time soon. The vision that Shane has for the company has propelled it to become the top of a very short list of most admired companies in Network Marketing globally. This is no short feat, and the company is poised to reach the top of that short list quickly.

To complete the powerful vision of Organo Gold, one other top business leader was needed to be brought into the fold to complete their global dominance in this market. Enter Holton Buggs, a driving force in the latest success of the company. Buggs was asked to join Organo Gold and then promoted to Executive Vice President in charge of International Sales. Buggs has a very impressive and in-depth understanding of Network Marketing, and he has discovered ways to provide complementary Organo Gold to the masses.

His vast understanding of the inner workings of the company in general are the driving force behind how many local distributors are able to work with Organo Gold and grow successful businesses on their own.

Daniel Amen Is The Most Popular Psychiatrist In America

Most psychiatrists try to stay behind the scenes when treating patients. But Doctor Daniel Amen is different. Not only is Dr. Amen a board certified psychiatrist, but he is also a television producer, nine-time bestselling author, and the founder of Amen Clinics. Amen Clinics are located in San Francisco, Newport Beach, Bellevue, Washington, Virginia, New York City, and Atlanta. Amen Clinics have amassed the largest database of brain scans in the world. The Clinics have performed over 90,000 scans in 111 countries.

Dr. Amen has also partnered with Dr. Mark Hyman and Pastor Rick Warren and they have developed a 52-week diet plan called the “Daniel Plan.” The objective of the plan is to get the world healthy through religious associations and organizations.

The Daniel Plan is not just a diet. It is a lifestyle program. The foundation of the program is rooted in the Essentials: Faith, Food, Friends and Fitness. Each essential influences and supports the others when the step-by-step approach is followed. Amen calls those essentials the “secret sauce.” That secret sauce is the glue that holds the lifestyle program together. Dr. Amen believes that staying healthy depends on the encouragement and support of friends, because God designed humans to thrive in relationships. Amen says people have more willpower when they have the support of their friends.

One of the most important ingredients in the plan is abundance, not deprivation. Healthy choices are the key to success according to Amen. Amen also believes that God’s power is the main source of those choices. The doctor also believes biblical principles also help keep participants focused.

The Daniel Plan has the complete support of Pastor Rick Warren because he used the plan to lose weight.When Pastor Warren promoted, the Daniel Plan over 15,000 people signed up and lost more than 260,000 pounds the first years. Those people say the Daniel Plan transformed their lives. Not only did Amen write a bestselling book about the Daniel Plan there is also a cookbook, a campaign kit, a study bundle and a journal. You can see more of his writing contributions via his Huffington Post page.

Haidar Barbouti Maintains Luxury as Houston’s Real Estate Market Hits a Blip

The dip that has appeared in the oil and gas industry has hit the state of Texas hard in the early months of 2015, but this reliance on the natural resources of the state has not hit the luxurious nature of the Houston elite headed by Haidar Barbouti. The Houston real estate market has largely remained constant with a fast and expensive market where properties are snapped up in record times. However, the first few months of 2015 saw the market hit its first problems of recent years as the number of available homes hit high levels and prices were cut by many sellers for the first time.

The opulent nature of Haidar Barbouti‘s Highland Village does not reflect the problems many are seeing in the Houston markets as the tables at the newly opened Corner Table restaurant remain full throughout the week. In fact, Barbouti has maintained the luxurious nature of his Highland Village leisure empire in the face of economic turmoil in the 21st century without the complex seeming to suffer any issues. The high quality stores have remained in place and increasing numbers of technology based retailers and environmentally friendly spa locations have also opened up in recent years.

Despite the success of Highland Village and Haidar Barbouti the Houston real estate market has seen a small slow down in recent times. But, the individual property owners who have recently had to wait longer than before to sell their homes will see a return to normal routine when the energy production markets return to normal and oiol producers return to creating new jobs. How long this will take is the only dark spot on the horizon, but for those who have already found their way to the historic Highland Village complex the opulent nature of life does not seem affected by any slowdown in other areas of the state.

Why Banning Water Bottles From Vending Machines Isn’t The Answer To Environmental Issues

We’ve all heard how good water is for us and we need to be conscientious about how much water we consume each day. As a way to help encourage better health habits, vending machines across the country have been adding bottles of water to give the public better choices. Although this was making a positive impact from the healthy angle, this meant more plastic bottles discarded and polluting our environment.


In an effort to cut back on discarded water bottles, a recent research effort conducted by the University of Vermont removed and banned bottled water from their vending machines. The recent research results, printed in Glamour Magazine, were surprising. They showed that this act not only increased the intake of more caffeinated, sugary and empty caloric drinks by 25%, but there was also an increase in plastic water bottle disposals – an increase of 8.2% to be exact.
The idea behind the plan to ban was to get more people to begin carrying their own reusable water bottles that can be used and re-used in order to cut back on the building-up of disposable plastic bottles. Lessing the number of disposed plastic bottles will help cut-back on the damage and degradation to our environment, however, although the motives behind the idea were good, the plan unfortunately, had the opposite effect.
According to the study authors, the ban on water bottles isn’t the issue, but rather the need for better and easier recycling methods. Even so, for those who do want to take the problem of overloading our environment with too many plastic water bottles, carrying your own refillable water bottle, for example, a water bottle made by S’well, will really do a world of good. According to the S’well Wikipedia, they can actually keep your water cold all day. That’s pretty impressive. It isn’t difficult to transition to a reusable bottle and you can help start a “reusable water bottle trend” with everyone you come in contact with.

Consuming Excessive Sugars May Contribute to the Onset of Depression

A recently published report, appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, contends that what foods an individual consumes, may be associated with becoming depressed.

Research scientists at New York’s Columbia University sought to establish what foods that are categorized as have a high glycemic rating or index are linked to those individuals that are depressed. The glycemic index is a ranking system of foods containing carbohydrates, and how if affects an individual’s blood sugar level. Lead author of the study, James E. Gangwisch, PhD, assistant professor at Columbia University commented, “When I was a kid, I was almost like a candy junkie, I noticed for myself, if I eat a lot of sugar, it makes me feel down the next day.” Gangwisch indicated that he no longer candy or junk foods with added sugar, but was perplexed about whether a steady diet of sugar-laden junk foods could actually cause individuals to become depressed.
According to Brad Reifler, The research scientists, assessed data, from the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study, of approximately 70,000 postmenopausal women, that were afflicted with depressive disorders, and an independent food questionnaire.

The scientists, were unable to conclusively determine a specific mechanism associating a definitive association between sugar consumption, and depression, but noted that excessive sugar consumption has been documented to be a mechanism for cardiovascular disease, and inflammation, which can spur the onset of depression.

California May Pass Law Restricting Vaccine Exemptions

California may pass a law tightening vaccine exemptions. Specifically, the only acceptable exemptions would be medical exemptions that would be granted to children with conditions like a compromised immune system that would make it dangerous for them to receive vaccinations. Religious and personal exemptions would no longer be accepted.

The bill had been proposed in the wake of the Disneyland measles outbreak. The State Assembly approved the bill, and it will now be sent to Gov. Jerry Brown who may sign or veto it.

Most religions don’t have a tenet forbidding vaccinations. Even if they did, Daniel Amen suggests somebody’s religious beliefs should not trump the health and well-being of school children.

Herd immunity” is a phenomenon that occurs when most of a population is vaccinated. In that situation, it becomes hard for an infectious disease to spread. Measles, however, is an extremely infectious disease. In order for herd immunity to work and protect the people who actually can’t be vaccinated at least 95 percent of the population has to be immunized. That doesn’t leave much wiggle room for personal and religious exemptions.

A lot of the personal exemptions are based on misinformation. Too many people still believe that vaccines cause autism. They don’t. Some also believe that vaccines are poisonous. It’s true vaccines contain toxins– but not at a level that could harm a human. Doctors often say, “The dose makes the toxin.” While a large dose of a given toxin can kill, a smaller dose might have either no effect at all or have a benign effect like preventing an illness.

The Way that Water Works

The state of California and neighboring states have been experiencing one of the worst droughts in United States history. Along with these droughts comes the unfortunate side-effect of citizens stealing water from their neighbors in order to show their water needs. Officials in California have citizens with a mandatory water restriction. Even though California citizens recognize how severe this drought, is the enforcement of the water restrictions and the prosecutions of its violators have been incredibly challenging for California authorities. Numerous cities in California have decided to install smart meters for citizens to control their water use. James Dondero recently detailed for Market Watch that this is the fourth year of the severe drought affecting the state of California. The Governor of the State, Jerry Brown, decided to take severe measures in order to reduce water use in some of the bigger cities. This means that businesses and wealthy residents are being forced to cut back on water that they were using frivolously prior to the smart meters. Utility companies will be able to watch just how much daily use water has for each residence. Once they find violators of the water restriction they can report and prosecute them appropriately. Violators of the water restriction face up to $10,000 in phones period the success of the smart meters have already proven substantial. The state hopes that more cities will install the meters to help end the drought for the desperate state.

China’s News Emphasizes Importance of Food Shopping Safety

People from around the world were horrified to learn yesterday, Wednesday, June 24, that the Chinese government discovered on June 1st that smugglers had attempted to sell to Chinese restaurant, retail and supermarket owners batches of meat, including beef and chicken, originally frozen in the 1970’s among approximately 800 tons of non-approved frozen meats. Apparently, frozen meat often shows no signs of its age — especially if it’s thrown frozen into fryers. Worse yet, those selling this meat will allow it to thaw in trucks that either have poor or no refrigeration and then re-freeze it before it reaches buyers.

According to Mikal Watts, outdated and spoiled meat can be a host to any number of bacteria that cause stomach and intestinal upset, respiratory issues, immune system dysfunction and even death. Many industry experts recommend that businesses and shoppers only buy meats from trusted, government-approved sources. When eating out or buying meats fresh from butchers, people should always ask about the origins of the meats they purchase in meals or as ingredients. Additionally, everyone should check the “Sell by” and expiration dates on frozen packaged meats.

Because of this year’s avian flu epidemic in the mid-western U.S. states, which resulted in the destruction of hundreds of millions of domestic and wild birds, it is important now more than ever for consumers to be diligent about their safety in regards to the meats, meat products and meals they purchase.

Low-Fat Donut Shop Fails Miserably in New York City

Holey Donuts, which opened its doors at 101 7th Avenue South, last year, has served its last donut. The shop is officially closed for business and its owner, Frank Dillulo claims he’s bankrupt.

Holey Donuts tried to put a health spin on the classic New York Donut, but patrons were not buying it. In fact, they weren’t buying anything in the small bakeshop. The bakeshop started as an online business several years prior to its brick-and-mortar incarnation, and Dillulo seemed to believe in the concept of fat-free, sugar-free, cholesterol free confections. The problem was, however, that the patrons of New York like their donuts served up with full-fat fillings.

The shop also received poor reviews on Google with customers alleging the small bakeshop missed the morning rush by failing to open their doors by 7am. Things move fast and early in New York, and somewhere serving up donuts should surely be up and at’em by such an hour.

Either way, Dullulo’s low fat dream is officially dead, and TheDailyBeast wrote the residents of New York City don’t seem to be crying over the spilt cream. Dullulo is also being sued by the building’s landlord. He owes back rent, and still has nine more years left on his 10-year lease.