Coke is Fit?

With all of the advertising which surrounds us each day and the current societal push toward healthy living, is it any wonder that Coca-Cola and other companies are capitalizing on both by paying nutritionists to say their products are healthy?

During the month of February, Coca-Cola attempted to work with fitness and nutrition experts who would tout their products as treats in an otherwise healthy lifestyle. To do this, Coke had its public relations gurus suggest to nutritionists and bloggers that they might see what they could “fit in” in endorse a Coke product.

In fact, media outlets, which are supposed to be objective news outlets, are said to have run the information provided in a “sponsored” piece. This is deceptive and misleading, and Ray Lane said the ethics of the companies which seek to pay others for increased sales are questionable. Sure, it is the nature of the corporate and advertising beasts, but is it really beneficial to consumers and the public at large to be told, for instance, that a sugary drink is a recommended part of a healthy diet?

It appears that consumers have to now become aware not just of the messages of overt paid advertising, but also of the messages being subsidized by companies through bloggers and nutritionists willing to sell their “expertise” to benefit their own bottom lines. Yet, the consumer’s bottom line may expand when following “purchased” recommendations.

Orange County Attorney Files A Proposed Ballot With The State’s Attorney General’s Office

Just when we think we heard it all when it comes to gay prejudice, another bigot with a degree comes out of a judgmental sewer and flexes his degree and his ignorance. Attorney Matthew G. McLaughlin began the process of collecting 365,000 signatures he needs to put his Gestapo imitative on the voting ballot in the state.

McLaughlin calls his proposal the “Sodomite Suppression Act.” That act says that God commands us to suppress our destruction just like God did when Sodom and Gomorrha were destroyed. The proposal also states that any person that touches another person of the same sex for the purpose of sexual relations should be put to death. That sentence should be carried out by shooting the offenders in the head.

McLaughlin got his degree from the University of California and his law degree from George Mason University. The lawyer has been very active when it comes to mixing his religion with his political desires. In 2004, he wanted the King James Bible to be a literary text that every public school student was required to read. We can all say Amen to how that ballot measure turned out. No doubt this new one will be filed in the same trash can.

Owner of Alden and Harlow Takes to Instagram to Shame Entitled Diners

Michael Scelfo, owner of Alden and Harlow located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, took to Instagram to let yelpers know he’s playing hardball. According to BNY Mellon, Scelfo took a picture of two diners and posted on Instagram after the woman began threatening the staff with a poor yelp review if they were not served to their satisfaction. Zeco Oliveira also noted Scelfo included a list of the duos behavior, including seating themselves with no reservation and abusing the staff. Scelfo has since removed the photo, but has placed an explanation for his actions in its place. According to Scelfo, he wants people to know that the online rating system is flawed, and that diner entitlement may often lead to poor reviews that simply are not warranted. He has included the hashtag #wedontnegotiatewithyelpers to his Instagram photo. Scelfo isn’t the first restaurant owner to fire back at poor customers and their reviews. Last year, the owner of Voltaire in Kansas City replied to a Yelp review with a list of a couple’s demands and poor behavior. The review was written after Voltaire would not accommodate a special takeout request that would have broken company policy. The reply was written as a review of the couple, rather than a reply to the original review.

New Peanut Study Ignores Much

Everyone seems to be talking about allergies and the negative consequences of avoidance methods these past few weeks.

Many doctors claim that parents who allow their children to avoid dirty environments increase the risk of their children developing allergies said Marc Sparks. A recent study even went so far as to suggest that children who hand-wash dishes are less likely to have allergies than children who don’t wash dishes at all or use an automatic dishwasher. Another type of avoidance is when a known reaction causing agent, such as a particular food, is removed from a person’s diet. This week, study results about about the negative consequences of removing a risky food from young children were published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Researchers tested 640 babies ages 4 months to 11 months who were at high risk of one day having a peanut allergy. Avoidance was used with half the babies, while the other half were given access to peanuts three times a week. The test results from five years of research seem to indicate that people need more exposure to things that cause allergic reactions earlier in life to prevent allergies. Yet, the paper’s authors made no mention of the fact that many people who were not allergic to certain foods as babies are suddenly allergic as adults and that a five year study does not offer enough data to completely prove this theory.

Infant Peanut Consumption: The Cure To Peanut Allergies?

A new study was recently published that suggested that feeding peanut butter to infants might actually prevent a child from developing a peanut allergy later on. Currently there are 2 percent of the American child population that cannot consume peanuts and this number has quadrupled since 1997 according to those in the health industry like Brian Torchin. This alarming increase has sparked many studies and interest into this allergic phenomenon.

Medical professionals believe that introducing peanut butter early on could dramatically decrease the risk of peanut allergies. A London study concluded that children who were fed peanut products from the age of 4 months up to the age of 5 were less likely to develop an allergy.

There are many parents who have been withholding peanut products from their children until around the age of two. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested in the year 2000 that this was done in order to prevent allergies. Now the tables are turning and opinions have changed. The Academy believes that there is no conclusive evidence that suggests avoiding these products have any benefit when it comes to allergies.

Waffle House: Breakfast And Package Delivery Locale?

When you think of Waffle House the first thing that comes to mind are hot, delicious, syrupy waffles and all kinds of breakfast deliciousness. Next time you head there for a meal you can multitask by sending a package and skipping a trip to FedEx, the USPS, or UPS. If you are wondering how that is supposed to happen simply read on. A new start up company, Roadie, has made a lucrative partnership with Waffle House.

My friend Alexei Beltyukov forwarded the post that explains how Roadie is an app that will allow people to serve as couriers of packages for discounted rates over their competitors. People will be able to meet up at the WH anytime of the day, do the delivery, and maybe grab a snack while they are at it. The partnership may prove to be beneficial to both companies. Roadie users can meet up at a safe, well-lit location 24/7 and WH may get more customers out of the deal. The details are still coming out as how the entire program will work.

What’s in Your Food?


We head to the dairy department and pick up a some butter and cheese, then on over to the meat counter and grab some ground beef for dinner. But are we taking home real or fake food? It looks real, the label states the ingredients, but imitation food and foods that have been processed without any standards are on the rise in your local supermarket and it’s next to impossible to tell the difference.
Over the past two months, Interpol and Europol have seized thousands of tons of fake food items. Food you may have purchased and consumed recently, like butter, cheese, eggs, strawberries, cooking oil and dried fruit.
Forefront Capital Investment Group says it’s no secret that less expensive ingredients are often substituted for higher priced ingredients in order to keep the product cost at a minimum. Most of us remember the news reports a few years back about horse meat being sold as ground beef. How do we know if the ground beef we purchase today is beef or horse? Hard to tell if the meat is already formed into patties.
A cheese-smoking operation was discovered in the back of a van in Italy. Mozzarella cheese was being smoked with burning garbage. A fake butter manufacturing facility in Egypt was raided by authorities and 35 tons of fake butter was confiscated. 47 countries in all have begun investigating and cracking down on the fake foods pawned off on consumers. So we ask again, what’s in your food?

A Better Solution: North American Spine

North American Spine is a cutting edge spinal treatment center that offers the very best in minimally invasive procedures to lessen or remove back pain, stiffness, and help to correct issues with mobility. The center is based out of Dallas, Texas. From this center they try to keep their mission “to help as many people as possible” going strong. Their conservative and holistic methods of treatment attract many people that are looking to put an end to their back pain and suffering. Not only do they effectively treat their patients, but they also educate them so that the patient can be better informed.

They offer several different treatment options to assist their patients in choosing the appropriate one for their specific condition. The most common treatment that is given to the majority of patients that come to North American Spine is the Detailed Pain Diagnosis. These options include, Provocative Manometric Discography, Endoscopic Disc Stimulation Diagnosis, Epiduroscopy Diagnosis, Provocative Arthrography Diagnosis, Facet Medial Branch Block Diagnosis, Selective Nerve Root Block Diagnosis, and Pain Mapping Diagnosis. These are specialized methods that can aid North American Spine doctors to pinpoint the problem area much better than the standard practice of relying on only the results of a CT scan or MRI. These diagnoses are specially constructed to be more accurate at finding the area of pain that needs to be dealt with which translates in the doctors being able to recommend a specific manner of treatment instead only targeting the approximate region where the pain exists.

Once the patient has been diagnosed there are several methods of treatment that can follow depending on the region of the spine where the pain is occurring in the the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar. One such option is the North American Spine’s Cervical Disc and Neural Decompression (DND). The DND is used to treat the pain caused by the bulging or herniated discs and is minimally invasive. This is a welcomed message for those patients that have been told that their are no minimally invasive treatments available for their type of condition by other doctors. DND can help with upper back pain just as effectively as it can help with lower back pain. Many patients that have had this procedure done are now experiencing back-pain free lives and are enjoying doing the activities that thy used to be able to do before the problem occurred. Exercising, hiking, standing for extended periods of time, bicycling, and even dancing.

Edible Gifts for Valentine’s Day


If you still haven’t figured out what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day, why not offer something to eat? While going out to dinner is one of the usual Valentine’s Day activities, you can also give the gift of food in a thoughtful and heartfelt way.

If you’re in the West Village, you can visit a few of the gourmet coffee shops in the area to create a coffee box for your sweetie. Coffees in a variety of flavors, along with creamers and flavored syrups can be the perfect way to show you care. You can see these coffee shops on

Or, if you’re in Williamsburg, you can visit local butcher and cheese shops to put together an elaborate steak dinner that your loved one is sure to enjoy. Cipher Cloud recommends a home-cooked meal is a great way to celebrate, and you can end the night with dessert and a customized cup of coffee.

The Antique Wine Company: Leading Fine Wine Merchant

Antique wine company
Becoming successful is not an easy task. You have to sweat before you reach the top. The road to success of the founder of the Antique Wine Company, Stephen Williams, has been a long one. He at one time sold life insurance policy that did not go according to plan. This is because no one ever called him to buy the insurance coverage. This is what prompted him to begin a wine company. The antique company has grown to be successful and had about 15 employees and boasts of a $20m turnover. Stephen established his company 25 years ago and has been successful ever since.
The antique wine company deals with rare and fine wines. The London-based company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams. Over the years, the company has grown and has 20,000 client and above in about 70 countries. Some of the services that are provided by this company include cellar planning, wine master classes as well as sourcing of rare wines. The company has been able to create grand chateau series with the help of Viscount David Linley. The company has been able to break the world record for selling the most valuable white wine ever. This only means that customers get the best deal.
This company provides its wine to restaurants, hotels, private individuals as well global wine trade. The Antique Wine Company has become the best globally when it comes to wine. The founder is set to open up branches in emerging markets. This company has brought significant changes to wine traders in the United Kingdom. The fine wine made by this company has taken the world by storm. This is what has prompted the company to spread its wings by establishing by opening branches in other countries. There is no doubt that it will be a success given that the wine is a fine one.
The aim of this company is to provide personal attention, as well as standard expertise to its clients. The company is continuing to grow internationally. There is no doubt that this company only attracts individuals who are ambitious, and this means that you will only get the best. If you want to get the best wine for all your occasions, then you should contact this wine company. You will get the best deal and make the occasion a memorable one. Go ahead and get a taste of the best wine in town.