George Soros Explains His Plan For Helping Refugees in Europe

Refugees are coming into Europe faster than anyone can take care of them, and there has to be a solution soon before people come to Europe and have nowhere to go. There are a lot of people who are afraid that the refugees on will number so many that they will actually bring the EU to its knees. George Soros is one of the people who is very concerned about it, but he actually has a plan instead of just complaining about it.

George Soros has a plan that involves every European country being on board with the plan so that they can help all the refugees that they have coming to them. There are over a dozen countries in the EU that have to take in refugees, and there has to be a plan for ow many they are going to take every year. George Soros thinks that that number needs to be around one million, and they are going to have to take one million of them for a few years until the crisis is averted.

He also wants to see every EU country send payments of over 15,000 euros to every person who enters the country. This money on is necessary to make sure that all these people have something that they can use to get where they are going. A lot of these people are actually going to go find family in places where they live in Europe, but they still need money to get on their feet when they get there.

George Soros knows that these countries will not want to pay all that money, but they can sell long term bonds that are going to help pay for it, and it will work out for everyone in the end. He has a solution for letting people into the EU, and he has a financial solution that is going to help people settle down when they get to the continent. There is no other way to help people make sure that they can stay alive once they get to Europe. The countries on have to actually pay to help these people, and the only way to do that effectively is with bonds.

George Soros is a genius financier who knows how to make this problem much easier to stomach, and he has made sure that all the people who are coming to Europe can actually get in. He is pitching his plan to as many people as he can, and he actually has been talking about it for weeks. He wants to see action right now so that the refugees who are coming to the continent can get on the plan as soon as possible. These people can actually start contributing, and they can start giving back to a continent that needs them. They can help to make Europe a better place because they cannot go home. These people are facing real fear because they could be killed if they go home, and they need to be able to make Europe their new home.

Laidlaw & Company Promotes Executive

Laidlaw & Company Promoted Richard Michalski to Expand its Wealth Management Endeavors

Richard Michalski was promoted in January 2016 by Laidlaw & Company to help expand the Division of Wealth Management. Mr. Michalski left Aegis Capital in 2010 where he served as Senior Vice-president. He joined Laidlaw during the same year as the Senior Managing Director. According to press news released by PR Newswire on January 12th, 2016, Matthew Eitner, CEO of Laidlaw said Mr. Michalski joined the firm with 14 years of experience as a wealth manager. He believes Michalski is a valuable asset to the firm’s endeavors to expand their existing clientele portfolios.

SEC governed Laidlaw & Company, Ltd. is an investment firm specializing in wealth management and banking services and products. The firm offers investment banking services, including capital raising, acquisition financing, U.S. & U.K. trading markets, and public offerings. Laidlaw Advisors provide professional advice pertaining to investment banking on joint ventures, partnership, alternative investments, mergers, and acquisition. The firm also offers to high net investors wealth management services, including investment advisory, management of portfolios, and financial management.

For more than 170 years, Laidlaw has overseen management of investment portfolios, and offered products and services. Richard Michalski has been with the firm for nearly six years as the Senior Managing Director. His promotion to manage the Division of Wealth Management in the United Kingdom will ultimately help the firm reached desired goals to expand its present infrastructure.

Now that the firm has established existence in the markets in the United States according to Wall Street Journal, Mr. Michalski is responsible for the endeavors of increasing its European clientele. Laidlaw & Company concentrates on the international healthcare industry and is currently working with key executives to provide healthcare companies and investors in Europe accessibility to capital markets in the United States. The firm will focus on capital markets in Europe to match its present existence in the U.S.




Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a leading investment boutique according to website PR in providing quality and transparent investment advice to individuals and institutional clients. They have over 170 years’ experience in the industry. They offer a variety of traditional and alternative investment options to their clients Laidlaw has a growing network of offices throughout the United States and Europe. They currently have over 150 employees, helping them build relationships with businesses and individual clients throughout the world. Their wealth management division offers quality investment options to high net worth clients and institutions. Portfolios are managed based on risk tolerance and investment return objectives.

They offer portfolio management services, as an independent registered investment advisor, to help preserve client’s capital through diversification and investment management services. Laidlaw & Company is SEC governed, thus monitor returns, as well as changes in risk levels in the portfolios, and advise clients of necessary changes. They strive to minimize risk while maximizing returns by allocating investment dollars across a chosen mix of asset classes.

Laidlaw & Company works with clients to develop portfolios that are tailored to meet their specific financial life goals. They offer estate planning services, investment management, financial planning and risk management to all their clients, in order to give the best returns possible. With Laidlaw’s years of experience and their vast knowledge of the financial markets high net worth clients and institutions can feel confident in the advice they receive.


Madison Street Capital Educates Investors

The complexity of the financial world on is mind boggling. For success in this arena, a player, a combatant, needs to be armed with an MBA and the tenacity of a gladiator. The average investor is unarmed and unprepared for the financial battle he will face on a daily basis; he is dumbfounded and helpless in this financial morass.

Most investment firms enjoy maintaining this mystique, while the usual client broker meeting is a simple introduction, to determine if the client does have enough money to invest and how much and does said client understand the inherent risks in investing, There is little in the way of dispensing information, handing out books to read or a glossary of terms, nothing really of value is gained by the client in this meeting. It is just an example of the required trust needed between the investor and the agent.

One investment services bank has begun a new trend of educating investor, Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC. In Chicago is categorized as a “boutique” investment banking service that offers mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital restructuring and reorganization banking services. Madison Street Capital has produced and made available on YouTube a series of eight videos explaining some of the services they offer.

In one titled “Mergers and Acquisitions” which begins with an arm printing out letters that spell out that they specialize in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on while a catchy jingle maintains our interest in watching the short animated video. It goes on to explain that there are two sides to any business merger, the “M” of (M&A), the “buy side” and the “sell side”. What Madison Street does in their advisory capacity is to advise and coordinate both sides of any business merger. The catchy music and illustrating arm continues to state that people are an important aspect of any organization and the correct enhancing of personal with an infusion of money from the restructuring will lead to a better bottom line and everybody will be happy. Or at least that’s what the cartoon states. The YouTube video ends with a call to action and a telephone number for Madison Street Capital’s office in Chicago. Watch the full video here:

This video which runs for less than a minute and a half and the other videos in their series are worth watching. Congratulations to Madison Street Capital for attempting this educational series on YouTube.

Does Kyle Bass Just Exploit Existing Knowledge?

It’s called the “seven year cycle”. At least in the 21st century, the rule has proven true. 2015 saw the refugee crisis hit in September, and a tanking of Europe that’s been slowly affecting America this year. 2008 saw America’s own financial implosion from to the housing market–again in September; and 2001 saw no space oddities and one catastrophic act of terrorism that spiked the economy of the world. The month? September. If a person knew of this cycle, it would be no great thing to predict a failing of economic markets around September rooted in some pre-existing trend. It may take practice, but just knowing about the cycle informs one’s decisions. Kyle Bass predicted that 2008 would see economic implosion in America, but by no means was he alone in his prediction. He just had a greater platform to shout it from.

Kyle Bass is from Argentina, and while he manages a hedge fund that’s based in Texas, he still has exceptionally strong ties to socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, as reported in this article: Cristina is the president of Argentina, and the woman is so bad with money that she’s economically defaulted the nation twice in thirteen years. Bass continually endorses her despite her inability to correctly lead the country, and it’s just conceivable he’s acting in a socialist capacity through his American financial endeavors. Consider it critically. He made a negative financial prediction many could have made, but through Bass’ contacts, he had a platform many more able men did not have. He then used that platform as a springboard to regularly appear in mainstream media programs. From those programs he continued to make predictions, and does to this day; even though the vast majority of Bass’ predictions end up being entirely fruitless, and his hedge fund seems to decrease in is performance with every television appearance he makes.

The final nail in the coffin is CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses the sympathies of infirm individuals and those who are usually uninformed to get lawsuits and petitions filed against big-ticket pharmaceutical companies. The companies have to sell their drugs cheaper and lose stock value as a result. Bass short sells his holdings at that point, and gets away with millions.

Bass’ actions may force legal action on the part of the government, and it’s at the expense of those who can’t help themselves. Furthermore he has high-profile socialist connections, and there’s every indication he’s acting on behalf of interests which don’t coincide with those of the United States. It seems very likely what is perceived by the public as financial acumen is, in reality, Bass’ exploiting a larger body of existing knowledge at the behest of socialistic aims.

CCMP Capital – Building A Successful Growth Equity Investment Portfolio

CCMP Capital, building on their global equity investment business and improving lives of millions of people worldwide. CCMP Capital developed through the leadership of Stephen Murray, CEO and President. Murray selected his staff very carefully knowing the importance of teamwork and a strong foundation of good business and financial ethics. He led the team through several mergers starting in 1984 with the founding of Chemical Venture Partners, which was a unit of Chemical Bank. Growing Chemical Bank to a success and merging with Manufacturers Hanover and in 1991 merging into Chemical Venture Partners. Along the way, in 1996, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Bank and renamed Chase Capital Partners. Creativity never rests as Chase Capital Partners is renamed JP Morgan Partners in 2000. Then in 2002 JP Morgan Partners Global Investors Fund closed with $5.4 billion dedicated to buyout and growth investments, and that is what they did with their glowing reputation. In 2006, CCMP Capital forged forward from JP Morgan Partners growth expansion.

It was with tremendous sadness when CCMP Capital announced the passing of Stephen P. Murray in March of 2015. Stephen Murray passed away from an illness at the age of 52. He left behind the multiple successes of his career and a company building a better tomorrow for the world. He is truly missed.

Today, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital glows with success and their enhanced portfolio of investments enjoys their growth. A few of the of the retail/consumer portfolio companies include Aramark, Cabela’s IMO Car Wash, Jetro Cash and Carry, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Pinnacle Foods Groups, and Shoes For Crews. In the Industrial arena, the portfolio is enhanced by Generac Power Systems, National Waterworks, SITCO, The Hillman Group to name a few. They have also included Healthcare in the portfolio, such as LHP Hospital Group, CareMore Medical Enterprises, MED Quest and National Surgical Care. In the Chemical/Energy portfolio section, there is Chaparral Energy, Eco Services, Newark E&P Holding, and other. For an impressive CCMP Capital complete portfolio list, visit their website at

According to, one of CCMP’s most recent successes is Shoes For Crews. This company developed, engineered and put into use a rubber like no other. The compound used for the soles of shoes has reduced the “slip-and-fall” accidents in restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, ship decks, docks, and anywhere where an accident could occur from walking and working on a slippery surface. The slip-resistant compound is the answer to preventing numerous on-the-job accidents, with fewer disability incidents, missed work, and less medical expenses. The product has become a mandatory part of employee dress attire with such customers as McDonalds, Burger King, janitorial services, medical facilities and dock workers.

The CCMP Capital success list continues to build with the superbly trained staff.

Is WEN Cleansing Conditioner By Chaz Is Perfect For Fine Hair?


Women with fine strands find it unreasonably difficult to find the perfect conditioner for their hair type. Sadly, many have lost their inspiration as popular hair products continue to underperform. Fortunately, Chaz Dean’s WEN line of hair care products, especially the cleansing conditioner mentioned in this Bustle article, literally puts other brands to shame. How? Not all infomercials sell consumers dreams that won’t ever come to fruition. WEN is beyond dreams! Surely, it’s no concoction in a bottle!

Chaz Dean Wen products are the perfect serum for all hair types, it advertises on facebook. So what makes WEN formula any different? It doesn’t have the toxic sulfates and stripping chemicals. The cleansing conditioner is an all-in-one solution, so it cleans, conditions and styles the hair evenly. Why do fine strands need quality hair products? It’s unruly, frizzy, and literally a conduit for grease. WEN cleansing conditioner works best for consumers who wash and style their hair every day. The rigors of traveling rob the hair of its natural beauty. So, finding a potent remedy that’ll restore luster, volume, and beauty of the strands are essentially vital. However, it’s not typically the go-to solution for those who aren’t committed to this routine.

So why did Australian celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean decide to formulate this fantastic beauty products line? He launched the Wen line just over two decades ago. Surely, it’s undergone a series of transformations since the first product release in 1993. Dean stresses how shampoos have long tarnished hair quality as it contains harsh ingredients that literally strip the stresses of its natural nutrients. WEN products on Amazon has become one of beauty industry’s finest innovation. With an extensive study of how hair strands interact with different sulfates and detergents found in normal conditioning products; Chaz Dean decided to patent a profound green formula. This revolutionary product is richly infused with botanical elements known for their nourishing properties. It’s exquisite for any hair type, be if dry, frizzy or damaged.




Every fashion-conscious lady desires a wardrobe that is functional, elegant and superbly adorable. Anything short of magnificent will not do. JustFab is the right place to source your clothes if this is your idea of style. In recent fashion news, the company promises to review their VIP program which many do not understand how it works.
JustFab has a VIP membership that allows shoppers to cash in on offers, and also earn points for free loyalty items. A shopper can choose to skip the month that they do not want to shop VIP. Many clients had instituted lawsuits terming the program as a scam as it was almost impossible to cancel the program. Adam Goldernberg, the CEO of JustFab, assured their customers that they would look into the matter, thus easier cancellation of the VIP membership.
The online store stocks jewelry, clothes, boots, shoes and clothing. At, a customer is treated as a king. The well laid website allows an online customer to browse the categories provided, and then add to cart what they desire. The goods are then shipped after paying for the product. Shipping is done free for all orders above $39.00 in the U.S.
If you want to shop online, convenience and security is key. These are matters that JustFab has taken into consideration, removing worry out of online shopping for a fabulous shopping experience.

Dick DeVos’ Coppercraft Acquisition

A new holding company has bought Coppercraft Distillery for this upcoming year and the owner of the company may be quite surprising for some.

The Windquest Group which is the holding company for former politician Dick DeVos are the new buyers, and the founder of Coppercraft Distillery William Catton III couldn’t be happier. “It’s been an exciting journey and about to be get more exciting as the story continues,” Catton tells Mlive. The business is currently preparing for a huge event which is held every year called Tulip Time Festival.
Catton had been looking for an investor for his business for some time before Dick and Betsy DeVos stepped in. The alliance should sure to make both parties and consumers very happy for the year ahead.

As some may know Dick DeVos’ history in entrepreneurship and business actions has been nothing short of successful. With the President and CEO Amway and the Orlando Magic DeVos brings much experience to running a productive company. With DeVos being in vast markets and having multiple colleagues Coppercraft Distillery will definitely catapult to the next level in the business world.

Not only thinking about self, Dick DeVos also is a very generous philanthropist and has been donating tens of millions of dollars since George H.W. Bush was president! Read more about his thoughts on his political donations that were referenced in House of Cards here: Many companies, universities and foundations would not be open today if it wasn’t for the donations supplied. Grand Valley University is one college that DeVos has donated over 35 million dollars too and the DeVos family together has donated over $1.2 billion!

Coppercraft Distillery is sure to have a bright future with expansion plans coming ahead. Many locals in Holland already know about the delicious quality their liquor brings, now finally the world can experience that same joy.

Learn more about Dick DeVos by liking his page on Facebookr  or read about his career on New Netherland Institute.

Stephen Murray led CCMP Capital to Greatness During his Tenure

Private equity firms channel most of their resources in purchasing ownership rights of established businesses or acquiring some percentage of ownership stakes in companies. The ownership stake may range from five to seven years. The firms plan an exit strategy after their ownership expires. Most equity firms depend on their resources and skills to enhance the quality of the company before selling it to another business entity. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an example of private equity firm that specializes in leveraged buyout and handling capital transactions.

Industrial expertise

CCMP Capital has invested resources and industry expertise in sectors such as consumer, healthcare, industrial, and energy. The firm manages over 50 workers and has offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo. Most of the employees have an experience of more than five years in equity investment industry. The employees conduct research on the market conditions and identify investment opportunities.

Consumer/ retail sector

The firm specializes in the direct marketing of consumer goods. The services are personalized for each client in order to create customer loyalty. Eventually, loyal clients enjoy discounts, price waiver, and other enticing packs. Excellent after sale services is another aspect that clients enjoy from the CCMP Capital.

Industrial sector
The firm invests in the manufacturing industry and markets the manufactured product. It owns a significant number of shares in established automotive companies. In addition, it invests in the production of chemicals.

Energy sector

CCMP Capital is an advocate of clean energy. It invests most of its resources in alternative sources of energy that are environmentally friendly. The firm focuses on the generation of power and exploitation of renewable sources of energy.

Health care industry

The firm invests hugely in the health care industry. It is involved in the acquisition of established pharmaceutical companies.

Brief History

Stephen Murray CCMP was originally called Chemical Venture Partners when it was founded in 1984. It was founded to serve as a subsidiary of Chemical Bank. However, following a series of mergers and acquisition, the firm was known by a different name after every merger or acquisition. Currently, CCMP Capital manages both CCMP Investors II and JP Morgan subsidiary firm.

Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962, and passed away on March 12, 2015 reported on pehub. He was an established equity investor and an active philanthropist. He served as President and CEO of CCMP Capital, a private-owned equity firm that specializes in growth equity and buyout. He was an academic champion, holding a degree in economics from Boston College. In addition, he graduated from Columbia Business School in 1989 with a business administration master’s degree. Philanthropically, he was an active supporter of Stamford Museum, Boston College, Make-A-Wish Foundation and other humanitarian courses. Murray served on several boards of established companies such as Aramark and Pinnacle Foods.