Chef Carla Hall To Open Restaurant Soon

In a telling article regarding the forward progress of notable chef Carla Hall, Erin Dejesus notes that the cook has met her $250,000 Kickstarter goal. The funds, which will be used to open her first New York City-based restaurant, come from Brian and almost 1,500 other backers. The eatery, which will be called Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, will be built in an undisclosed NYC location.

In discussing the forthcoming eatery, Carla notes that the restaurant will be a “spot next door” type of place. Gaining inspiration from her Granny’s kitchen, Carla has vowed to bring the elder woman’s “full-of-love, southern Nashville goodness” to her patrons. One of the signature entrees will be “Nashville Hot Chicken.” This meal offers a unique spin on southern fried chicken. In using a secret hot oil recipe and cooking the chicken to a crisped perfection, Carla’s innovative twist on this traditional southern recipe is certain to leave her customers full and satisfied.

Sticky Rice Shortage May Stick It To Sushi Lovers

Sacramento Valley produces a huge percentage of U.S. “sticky” (glutinous) rice, and that supply is being dwindled down considerably due to the present drought in California. A majority of sushi-serving U.S. restaurants use the Sacramento Valley type of rice, and even with a price hike of eight percent (and climbing), they are reluctant to go elsewhere to unconfirmed sources.

Instead of the quarter million acres of rice field that is typically flooded in the California each year, only 50,000 acres have been drenched thus far- and the year is getting short. Further, California’s rice farmers planted 25 percent less rice this year. It all spells higher prices at the sushi bar. One wonders if the abundance of sticky rice grown in East and Southeast Asia could not be imported to make up the difference and keep prices low, but we will have to wait and see on that one.

A side effect of the drier rice fields is that the bird life that annually migrates to the rice fields has also shrunk. One would not be surprised if the EPA soon labels rice fields as “protected wetlands” and orders rice farmers to soak them at the usual rate and take the loss in profit on the chin. That would be typical of their way of thinking. It looks like a bad year for sushi lovers, sushi bar owners, sticky rice farmers, and migrating birds. What are we gonna do about those Friday afternoon sushi dates Brian Torchin? And to top it all off, the drought has also choked off the artichoke supply. It looks like we will be forced to eat less sticky rice and plainer veggies this year- but we’ll live.

Bigger, Better Food

It was recently announced in the media that a new menu item is being introduced at the concession stand at Time Warner Cable Arena, which is the home of the Charlotte Hornets. Fans are excited to try Hugo’s Boss Burger, which happens to be an 8 lb. hamburger topped with several different cheeses, mushrooms, bacon and more. In the current food world, bigger and better seems to be the defining theme. I saw a pic of the burger on FreedomPop and couldn’t believe my eyes.

If the world of sports want to draw interest from food fanatics, it has to continue with this trend of bigger, better and meatier choices to feed America’s need for more. For example, instead of ordering nachos with cheese, how about nachos piled high with cheese, bacon and sausage crumbles and cubes of salty ham? Instead of ordering a plain hot dog with mustard, imagine ordering a two pound hot dog wrapped in bacon topped with garlic infused fillet tips. Another great addition would be a gigantic side of fries topped with cheese, chili, and meatballs on top. No sports fan would ever go hungry again if these options existed at the concession stand!

Luckily, big and meaty food is not the only trend sweeping the nation. The other trendy food idea right now is to share. These gargantuan menu options can feed the whole group while they root for their teams to win.

New Ranked Produce System Announced at Whole Foods

When you walk into a Whole Foods store, you are flooded by an array of colors, textures and smells. You’re in the produce section. It’s at the front of the store because the owners and operators of Whole Foods want you to spend a lot of your time there. They know it’s the healthiest place for you to be in the entire market.

Whole Foods has led the way for nutrition and safety in grocery stores for many years. They are often called Whole Paycheck by their patrons because they are expensive. But health and safety come at a price. Whole Foods specializes in organic and all natural products, and they refuse to sell produce that has been grown or processed with some of the most dangerous sprays and toxins that are sadly still used in agriculture.

Now, they are taking things a step further. Recently, the CEO of Whole Foods spoke with Laurene Powell Jobs about how they would be implementing a ranking system for all of their vegetables, fruits and flowers. This is revolutionary in the world of grocery stores, and the system is the first of its kind.

The ranking system looks at each item of produce and gives it a rating out of three options. An item is labeled either as good, better or best. The basis for the ratings comes from information pertaining to how each produce item was grown. It looks at growing practices that impact the environment as well as overall human health. Even though the program has not been spread to every store in the chain, the goal is to have the system in place in 100 percent of Whole Foods stores by next year.

4 Great Clean Snack Ideas During The Week

As I endeavor to eat clean, and maintain my health for as long as humanly possible, friends like Marnie Bennett keep digging me in the ribs and reminding me that I have to improve my snacking habits. I’ve got a bad habit of going to the protein bar, or other unhealthy substances when I’m in the mood for something quick to eat.

But that’s no good, and can further your problem as you seek to turn your diet into a completely clean eating habit. Snacks have to be addressed just like everything else. Here are 4 great ones that I’ve found can help me get through the week much more easily:

  1. Gluten Free Rice Crackers and Guacamole

Avocado is your best friend when you’re trying to eat clean. If you don’t adore the taste now, you definitely will. The healthy fat gives you that rich flavor that you would normally get from unhealthy foods. But this is a guilt free dish that is also low cal, as long as you limit your guacamole intake.

  1. Fruit and Nuts

These have been a staple of the human diet for as long as we’ve existed. So of course this is a healthy combo. Just choose the more healthy nuts, like unsalted, roasted almonds. But be careful, because nuts can be high on the calories, so eating more than a handful is going to really pack on the pounds.

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs.

These can be your best friend when you’re looking for a healthy snack. They are easy, and quick, because after you’ve boiled them you can just keep them in the fridge whenever you want to have a snack. Plus they are extremely healthy, low calorie, and the protein will give you some much needed go juice throughout the day.

  1. Veggies and Hummus

One of the best snacks around is veggies and hummus. Plus you can cut carrots into chip like shapes, making them perfect for dipping in a good hummus mix. Just be careful, because again, hummus can be high in calories if you eat too much. So you do have to be a little sparing.

What Fast Food Looks Like 30 Days After Ordering

Looking at fast food 30 days after being purchased, you’d think the burgers would be in pretty rough shape. But the horrifying part is how little they tend to degrade. Some don’t even show hardly any signs of mold. As you can see from the video below, thanks Andrew Heiberger for grossing me out by sending this BTW, there’s a reason you’re not supposed to eat this crap: