The Mind behind Seattle Genetics Biotechnology Company’s success

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 courtesy of Dr. Clay Siegall and other co-founders. The company focuses on meeting the needs of cancer patients through the provision of a diverse pipeline of antibody-based therapies. The company has also been involved in the production of other products to help control other diseases and conditions associated with cancer.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

Seattle Genetics is an expanding company which has a diverse portfolio of clinical and also preclinical product candidates. These product candidates aim at controlling different cancer varieties as well as autoimmune indications.
Seattle Genetics has also been ranked among the leading companies in antibody technologies. For instance, the company has been appreciated after it invented its antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform.
The company’s success has been enhanced through the contribution of pharmacists and professors such as Dr. Clay Siegall. At the same time, the company has collaborated with other different and successful companies on its way to the top. Some of these companies include Genetech, MedImmune, CuraGen, Progenics, and Bayer. The companies have contributed a total of $5 million to support the company since the year 2001.
As a result, Seattle Genetics has established itself well in Austin, Texas and also in the US at large. Its first product, ADCETRIS, was reviewed and approved in 2011. This is one of the notable accomplishments of the company.
Dr. Siegall participated in co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998. Currently, he is the President, Executive Officers, and a member of the company’s Board of Directors. His contribution has led to an immense growth of the company.
Dr. Clay Siegall had previously received honors in B.S in Zoology at the University of Maryland. He is also a holder of Ph.D. in Genetics from G. Washington University. Additionally, having worked in many sectors as a director and member in governing bodies, Dr. Siegall has quite a considerable deal of experience that is suitable for Seattle Genetics. For example, he worked with Bristol0Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, National Cancer Institute, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals among other companies.

Seattle Genetics Company has enjoyed success under the vibrant leadership and participative manufacturing of company’s products. Through Dr. Siegall, private companies, and the public, the company has been able to secure funds as donations with which it has used in its development.

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Radiance And Beauty: Makari De Suisse Is Skin Lightening At Its Finest

There are premium skin care brands and then all the rest, especially when it comes to products that beautifully whiten and brighten the complexion.

Just ask any woman of color, and she will probably tell you that few companies actually pay attention to her ethnic complexion and the unique issues she might have.

Thankfully, Makari De Suisse is the world’s leading skin lightening creams company that fully addresses these concerns. Women with dark skin are often challenged like many of us with uneven skin tone, dark ashy blotches, freckles, scars, sun spots and more.

Makari is an excellent company known for its high quality standards and the use of advanced science to create its amazing skin care line. The company features a number of luxurious plant-based serums, creams, lotions and bar soaps, all designed to nourish the face and body, as well as lighten and brighten the skin.

You will never detect a trace of potentially harmful chemicals in any Makari product, because they believe in a healthy, natural approach to great-looking skin. While most skin bleaching brands offer suspect hydroquinone in their over-the-counter and prescription products, Makari just says no.

Instead, Makari is excited to present their patented Organiclarine ingredient that safely and effectively whitens and brightens complexions. Loyal customers rave about this natural and non-medicated substance that can begin lightening the skin tone within a couple of weeks.

Makari’s Exclusive line features some of the most incredible skin lightening products on the planet that are a sound purchase at affordable prices. Their Exclusive Toning Milk, serums and soaps not only successfully whiten, but add radiance and excellent moisturization to the face and body. The formulas are gentle for all skin types and only have to be applied three times a week to begin noticing a dramatic change.

Makari’s Exclusive line is gentle yet powerful and slows down the production of melanin, preventing the darkening of skin and nicely exfoliating dead skin cells. The formulas also contain natural and healthy fruit and caviar extracts with shea butter, carrot and argan oils blended in nourishing bases. Even sensitive skin can tolerate the Makari skin care line.

Makari has worked very hard as a major skin care brand to bring the world the most scientifically advanced whitening products available that feature safety and naturalness first.

Watch Out Beauty Blogger: WEN BY Chaz Will Deliver Bigger Better Hair

Beauty blogger Emily McClure was basically crying out for help for her limp, lackluster locks. She was weary from trying to force her fine, thin hair to perform miracles, because her mane did whatever it wanted.
Emily desired that famous WEN mane, the one that showed celebrities with shiny, thick, movable hair, and the tresses she saw on the YouTube infomercials. So, she decided it was high time she tried WEN by Chaz, the no lather shampoo experience. She kept a hair log with hair selfies and posted her results to Bustle.

WEN by Chaz is the real deal and nothing else quite like it on the planet with its unique cleansing conditioners full of natural, plant-based ingredients. Instead of drowning your hair with sulfates and other questionable chemicals, WEN by Chaz offers a soothing, holistic approach to good hair care, delivering strength, super shine and fullness to each strand. It is available on Amazon.

The formulas are so effective, that the creator celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, has not used a lather shampoo on himself nor his star clientele since 1993. The company takes great pride in the quality of their products and high standards. See,

Emily immediately liked how Wen by Chaz added a wonderful thickness to her hair while washing in the shower. Her rough, frizzy strands were suddenly smoother, and as she followed with a blow-dry and styling session, her hair reached those enviable Hollywood levels. Emily’s gorgeous selfies show the proof, and her best girlfriends saw right away that Emily had brand new, bigger and better hair.

Emily tried mixing up the schedule for her 7-day test but found some things worked better than others:

1. Always shampoo daily and in the morning with WEN.

2. Always follow up with a blow-dry and styling session.

3. Enjoy your new shine.


Goldenberg Adheres to Metrics to Build JustFab

You may have heard of the company JustFab. It is one of the fastest growing and most popular clothing companies in the country. The company is a VIP membership-based fashion and clothing company. It has been serving customers since it was founded in 2010 on It is also known to be one of the most well-funded fashion companies. The company received over $50 million of funding in just its fourth year of existence. What is the source of all of the success for JustFab? Some point to the company’s CEO when that conversation comes up.

That man is Adam Goldenberg. This name is no new name when it comes to CEOs in Los Angeles. While he is still young, he has been in the game for a while and had a lot of success early in his career. This may make him seem like more of an elder statesman than he really is.

He first appeared on the landscape of the LA business community in the late 1990s. This is when Goldenberg’s gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance became one of the most popular businesses at the time. It was a unique company that provided a service to customers that many other companies hadn’t yet thought to provide to the public when it came to gaming. This was Goldenberg’s first big successful project. He built the company until 1999 when Adam Goldenberg sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media for an undisclosed sum.

His next successful venture in the LA business world was Intelligent Beauty. This company was founded in 2006. It was an internet brand incubator that had great success. Goldenberg ran the incubator in LA until he had the idea for JustFab and founded that company in 2010. Ever since then, he has run JustFab to great success thanks to a couple of things.

The first thing is lack of ego. Goldenberg is not afraid to abandon an idea that isn’t working. This is true even if the idea wasn’t his. This is a very hard thing for a lot of CEOs to do. Many leaders cannot look at the picture enough to abandon an idea or product that they thought of and admit that it wasn’t good. Riding a bad idea for too long can be very unhealthy and even lead to disaster for some companies. Goldenberg understands this. This is why he is very diligent about JustFab when it comes to metrics. See:

The Role Played by Seattle Genetics in the Provision of Low-Cost Medical Products

Seattle Genetics has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the largest biotechnology firms in the world. The firm has been advancing groundbreaking therapies in the field of cancer treatment. Since its inception, Seattle Genetics has been focused on the development and commercialization of innovative antibody-based therapies. This has enabled it to become a global leader in the production of antibody drug conjugates (ADC’s).

Seattle Genetics is particularly known for its pioneer product, Adcetris, which is sold in over 60 countries. Under the astute headship of its founder Dr. Clay Siegall, the firm has also been dedicated to the production of other world-class products. It has also put in place an exceptional clinical development program, which evaluates the potential of Adcetris to treat common lymphomas. Its recent collaboration with Takeda will enable it to fully commercialize its rights to Adcetris, more so in Canada and the United States.

What Drives Seattle Technologies?

Since its formation 20 years ago, the firm’s sole purpose has been to improve the lives of those who use its products. In line with this, it has built a resolute corporate culture, which centers on the values of scientific distinction, innovation, teamwork, integrity and mutual respect. These values have enabled Seattle Genetics to bring together a team of dedicated scientists. This explains why the firm has been on the vanguard in the advancement of breakthrough technologies. The firm has remarkable research facilities at its headquarters in Bothell, Washington.

Important Notes about CEO Clay Siegall

Dr. Siegall is the co-founder, board chairman and president of Siegall Genetics. He has a solid background in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology. This has given him the ability to lead the advancement of exceptional cancer therapies. Mr. Siegall attended the University of Maryland, where he graduated with a degree in Zoology. He undertook his doctorate studies at George Washington University. He worked at a number of prominent biotechnology firms before starting Seattle Genetics. He served at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997. He had previously had a three-year stint at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Siegall is a board member of numerous firms in the pharmaceutical industry.


The Impressive Life of Malini Saba

Malini Saba has done a lot to impress me. I see that her years has an investor has made her one of the most powerful people around. Saba has been in the financial investment game for decades and her investments in technology have been very impressive.

She has worked hard and made some very sound decisions. By investing in the big name companies like PayPal and eBay in the early years she has been able to grow her investments. Her investment portfolio has been very strong because she took the time to invest wisely early. All the people that have been able to see her move beyond where she started cannot help but be impressed. I know that her humble beginnings impressed me.

When I got the chance to read about Malini Saba I found that she moved from Sri Lanka to American to attend Stanford University. This is a very prestigious school, but there was a great amount of struggle that occurred during these years. It was during this time that she made the decision to attend free lectures at Stanford. I think that she was prepping herself for the life that she wanted to have. I like this part of her life. This was a silver lining in her dark cloud. She seemed to be very astute in learning about investing while she was attending school.

It was 4 long years in a cheap apartment that rattled every time that trains came through. I am certain that there were nights were Malini and her husband had to wonder how they would pay for meals or their rent. As a couple that came to America with $200 to their name it may have been a treacherous road to building a better life. I like her story because she didn’t let this deter her. It was obviously a difficult thing for her to get from point A to point B, but she just continued to toil.

In my opinion Malini is like someone that knows where they are, but she makes the necessary adjustments to get to another place. I like that type of spirit. It is so infectious. I think that she is inspiring the women that she helps through her non-profit organization. I think that her daughter will be inspired by the work she has done. Saba has an impressive life, and it is an inspiration to all.

Makari Made in Switzerland: Leader in Fine Skin Lightening Creams

When skin care products come from Switzerland, you can be sure they have undergone rigorous testing. In other words, the standards are very high, and that’s what makes Makari De Suisse, a world leader in the finest skin lightening line-up available.

When it comes to a beautiful, ethnic complexion, you might share common issues like dark and red blotches, acne marks, ashy spots and an uneven skin tone. You want products that effectively lighten and brighten and leave your skin soft and supple and perform without harsh bleaching agents.

Makari De Suisse understands your concerns and has become a world leader in safe, highly effective creams, serums, lotions and soaps. The brand has developed an all-natural and exclusive line-up that adds amazing caviar extracts and plant and fruit-based extracts to their formulas. Makari has also patented their magic ingredient known as Organiclarine, a safe, non-medicated substance that whitens and brightens the skin.

Makari’s exclusive brand of lightening items all feature key exfoliation properties, the slowing down of melanin production and the prevention of darkening skin based in nourishing formulas that whiten, brighten and create a smooth texture.

Harsh chemical bleaching agents like hydroquinone are often added to skin lightening products found in drugstores and through prescriptions. This potentially harmful chemical will never be found in a Makari skin care line-up, and that’s what makes the brand different, modern and scientifically advanced.

Makari’s exclusive collection of skin lightening cream items have loyal clientele raving about their effectiveness, luxurious spa formulas and gentle approach. Within just two weeks, Makari users begin to notice real results in seeking their ideal, balanced skin tone.

One of Makari’s biggest sellers is their 2-set Exclusive Toning Milk and Soap, infused with Organiclarine and special nutrients. By using the toning milk and exfoliating soap, you will see fast, lasting results with glowing, soft skin. Shea butter and carrot oil are two other blends that make this a superb lightening system.

If you’re frustrated with imperfect skin, don’t just sit there. Fight back with Makari, and you will come to see how beautifully toned your complexion can be.

George Soros Goes Bearish on the Market

George Soros, the legendary investor, has returned from a long hiatus to trade again. The hedge fund expert and philanthropist made a number of large investments, apparently due to economic and market shifts in the global arena. To be exact, the company that manages his funds (to the tune of $30 billion), Soros Fund Management LLC, sold a series of stocks and invested in gold miners and gold. This was due to anticipation of weakness in a number of markets.

These moves diverge from his earlier actions, such as betting against the pound in ’92 (which earned him a neat $1 billion in profit). Recently, George Soros has turned his attention to philanthropy and influencing public policy. He supports Hillary Clinton and other candidates by donating to a super PAC, according to many sources.

He always keeps a close eye on the investments made by his firm. While he took a break from directly trading himself, has been in the office more recently, according to other staff. Perhaps it is to fill the void left by a senior investor, Scott Bessent, who left recently. One of the reasons he is concerned is due to China’s economy slowing, which will have a global (perhaps gloomy) outlook. And based on Beijing’s lack of transparency, he said, it is difficult to implement sound economic policy or accurately predict China’s economy.

Soros believes that China’s weakness will result in deflation, bringing wages and prices down. And he thinks the EU could break up due to the crisis of refugee immigration.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Soros has seen mixed results with his investments in the bear market. For example, his firm picked up 19 million shares of the company Barrick Gold Corp. in Q1. This puts them at the top of stockholders and has netted them about $90 million since that time. Soros also purchased 1 million shares of Silver Wheaton Corp in Q1. It has increased in position by 28%. Overall, gold has gone up 19% this year so far.

But aside from those actions, George Soros has also made bearish actions in derivative positions. They are buffers of sorts against the U.S. stock market. Soros could face losses in some of these choices, seeing as how the S&P 500 went up 3% since the start of the second period. The Soros fund is up overall this year (as are most macro hedge funds), according to sources close to George Soros.

George Soros hasn’t been this involved in his firm’s own trading since 2007. Back then, he was concerned about the housing market and made bearish bets over a series of about two years. That made him over $1 billion. Perhaps he sees something again that the rest of us don’t, and it could be time to act.

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Brad Reifler Offers New Income Trust to Non-Accredited Investors

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital. He recently started an Income Fund that caters to middle income investors. For many years he focused his business on accredited investors, which make up about 1 percent of the investing public in the U. S. An accredited investor is someone who has at least $1 million, not including their home, or a person who has earned at least $200,000 for the past 2 years. It was thought that only wealthy individuals had the knowledge and foresight to make investments in riskier products. Brad is now focusing all his attention on non-accredited investors. This is most investors.

The goal of the Forefront Income Trust is to Increase the savings of middle income investors with investments that reduce the risk level involved, yet give good returns. Reifler realized the need for the new fund when his father-in-law, gave him his life savings to invest and he realized that most of the strategies he wanted to use were not available to him because he was not an accredited investor. Brad is hoping that through the power of compounding returns, clients can potentially see a small investment grow into a more substantial one over time.

Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group. The company started in June of 2009. They offer investment advice to individuals and institutions. They are a boutique investment banking and wealth management firm that strives to help clients achieve income and long-term appreciation by investing in the stock market and other investment vehicles.  Read more about Brad on CrunchBase.

The Life of Brian Bonar Bellamy

One of the top rated dining places in the United States, Bellamy Restaurant or Bellamy’s was born in Escondido, a small village located in one corner of San Diego County. Bellamy’s was established from a failing restaurant named Tango and eventually generated some of the best and most dedicated Chefs in town.

As a result of the Chefs’ dedication, expertise, and efficiency pertaining to food, the restaurant gained thousands of loyal customers as well as revenue that is through the roof. Since the opening of Bellamy’s, neighbors as well as tourists had grown to love what the restaurant has to offer.

Preview of Brian Bonar’s Life

Brian Bonar, the founder and owner of Bellamy’s, earned his doctorate at Staffordshire University. After graduating, he gave his full and undivided attention to whatever project or goal he wanted to excel.

Excellence is what Mr. Brian Bonar strives for no matter how hard a situation may have been at that time. Excelling eventually landed Brian in a high position during his career as Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation and CEO of Trucept Inc. After serving several months as Chairman and CEO, Brian Bonar turned his attention to the world of fine dining and great tasting food.

How did Brian end up with an amazing staff?

Brain Bonar grabbed a few of his staff members from one of his favorite restaurants, El Bizococho’s. Those staff members were former employees of El Bizococho who was laid off. However, Mr. Brain Bonar knew how valuable, talented and well knowledgeable those employees were about food; therefore he hired the Chef’s to work at his restaurant.

At the time of hiring El Bizocoho’s ex-employees, Brian ended up picking up Master Chef of French Patrick Ponsaty which was on a temporary basis and Mike Reidy who helped bring fine dining to Escondido.

To bring things to light, Patrick Ponsaty is one of two people that hold that title in San Diego and for that reason, it was quite easy for Bellamy to generate and maintain great tasting dishes that couldn’t be purchased and enjoyed elsewhere. All in all, hiring those employees, Mr. Bonar was able to enhance Bellamy’s style of cooking and so forth.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:
In conclusion, Bellamy became very popular because of its top cuisine and also for the amazing reviews its previous customers leave on their website. Those reviews and especially the cuisine are what make the restaurant stand out from the others in the Escondido area.

O yeah, can’t forget to mention their Chef’s and the amazing customer service pervious customers talk about. Providing those key things (excellent customer service, talented chefs and unique- great tasting cuisine) is what makes a restaurant thrive and this is what Brian knows best. Don’t forget to stop by the Bellamy to experience the best tasting cuisine in town.