My Boyfriend Is Past News, I’m On Skout Looking For A New Man

They say that hell has no fury like a scorned woman, and I’m living proof of this statement. I was hurt by my boyfriend, and the reason I was hurt was because I found what he was doing online. I had joined the Skout network to find my boyfriend, and it was the greatest thing to happen to me at the time. My boyfriend decided to keep using Skout behind my back, and he was talking to all kinds of girls. I only was able to get into his Skout account because he accidentally left it open one day after he had used my computer.

I love Skout, and I have nothing against the network, but I couldn’t believe my boyfriend was cheating on me. I saw many different girls that he had talked to on the Skout network, and several of them, he had even met up with, and I can only imagine how far they’ve gone, especially since several of them gave him their phone number. If he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me, then I don’t know why he moved in, and I don’t know why he said he was ready for us to get married.

Some people will really lie through their teeth, just so they can get what they want. I decided I would take my own revenge, and I went through his Skout account and deleted everything. I blocked all the women that were writing him, and I was even able to change his password, so he was never able to get into his Skout account to use it again. I then put him out of my house; I cut off my phone, and I stopped talking to him altogether. I did one more thing too. I chose to add some new pictures to my Skout account, so I could start dating again.

I know that since my boyfriend and I still live in the same city he’ll be able to see that I’m using Skout, but it won’t be from the same account that he used to use. I still enjoy using Skout, and it’s been a great help to me recently, especially since I found a great new guy who lives about 15 miles from me. The guy talks to me every day, and he seems different from the boyfriend that I recently had. Although I didn’t want to jump into a new relationship so quickly, I was really trying to mend my broken heart.

I decided that I would use the Skout network as a way to have fun and talk to others, and I didn’t need to get very serious about anyone right away. Skout is so much fun, especially when I use it on my cell phone. I will be on Skout several hours throughout the day, especially if I’m out on the road and have nothing better to do. Although Skout is the reason why my last relationship broke up, at least it’s replacing my old boyfriend with a new one.

Skout an Online Dating Application

Skout is a mobile phone application that is compatible with both android and iOS operating systems. This application was developed by NiklasLind storm and Christian Wiklund in the year 2007 with the intention of allowing people to do online dating. This mobile social network enables users to make friends, meet new people and exchange pictures. The recent statistics ranked Skout as number three eighty one in the list of top applications.

Skout users are required to sign in with their basic information that enables the application to compile their profile. The main screen of this application shows the users who are online together with their grid. In a situation where one needs to view the profile of these online users, he or she only requires to click on the image of the user and immediately the user profile displays. The view of the profile shows the basic information of the user, the recent posts and the number of points the user has on hand. Skout helps its users to find other users who are in their required locations through the use of global positioning system. The first iOS scout version was launched in the year 2009 while the android version was launched in the year 2010.

In the year 2012, Skout managed to raise twenty two million dollars in the venture capital. Prior to the venture capital, Skout had managed to raise four point six million dollars in the angel investment. In the year 2013, Skout announced a travel feature, an application that allowed the users to meet in different cities. During the introduction of this feature, the main focus was to enable users make friends in different cities and to be used as a tool by those who had trip plans but dint have destination contacts. This feature has lately proven to be popular with adults who wish to connect with friends and experience the world. Travel feature has been used by many users in the virtual journeys while these users turn the virtual trips into real vacations.

Shake to chat is another feature that allows users to connect using the basis of the time they are shaking their phones. In the year 2014, the application required another feature known as nightlife app Nixter which would allow the users access the available nightlife events, enable them buy tickets to the event and view the list of event available in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Skout is actively being used in one hundred and eighty countries and available in fourteen different languages. Fuse is another product of the Skout which is easy to navigate and allows users to send messages and photos with their friends. The message sent disappears automatically after three to five minutes. Those using Fuse are identified using their mobile phone numbers since they have no profile photos. This application allowed the users to create their own social networks using their smartphones. In the year 2015, scout managed to reach more than ten million users in the 180 countries it is used.

Bruce Levenson Strikes a Better Auction Deal in Sale of Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks basketball team is among the leading NBA teams in the U.S. The team was sold by Levenson in an action deal that was won by Tony Ressler. Bruce Levenson is a former co-owner of a company known as Atlanta Hawks LLC. This is the company that owns the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks team.

The auction attracted a number of interested parties, but the deal went to the group led by Tony Ressler. Ressler is a private equity billionaire and led a group that included other people like Grant Hill, a former NBA player in purchasing Hawks. Ressler is the co-founder of a financial investment firm known as Ares Management LP.

While Ressler and Hill had bid on another team, Los Angeles Clippers, they did not win the bid. Los Angeles Clippers ended up being purchased by Steve Ballmer at about $2 billion. Ressler offered $850 in the purchase of Atlanta Hawks, and this is seen to be more than what had been projected.

The team sold 27 percent above the projected price. Ressler had provided a bid of $730 million but had to settle for a higher amount. Sources said that the financing of the deal would be done by cash and taking up some of the debts. In the new ownership deal, it also included the CEO of the team Steven Koonin and the team’s coach Mike Budenholzer.

Different experts predicted the sale price of the team and among those who came close to predicting the deal were Andrew Zimbalist. This Smith College sports economists had predicted that Hawks would sell at a price ranging from $700 to about $750 million, which was not far from the amount the team sold.

It is believed that Levenson made a huge profit from the deal. Sometimes in 2004, Atlanta Spirit LLC was formed but later it was changed to Atlanta Hawks LLC. The aim of forming Atlanta Spirit LLC was to help in the purchase of Atlanta Hawks, which was then owned by Turner Broadcasting.

At time of purchasing Atlanta Hawks from Turner, the partners in Atlanta Hawks LLC included Levenson and Ed Peskowitz. In the purchase deal of Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting, it also included the Thrashers. However, Thrashers was sold in 2011.

In late 2014, Levenson said that he wanted to offer for sale his share of Hawks. And from that time, he had been involved in the coordination work of selling the team being helped by a banker. Previously, Hawks was valued by Forbes magazine to be worth $450, but due to changes in the NBA franchise deals after the sale of other teams like Bucks and Clippers; there was increment in value of the Hawks team.

When NBA began having lucrative TV deals, the value of numerous NBA franchises shot up. Danny Ferry was the general manager heading Atlanta Hawks from 2012. He was also the man in charge of the team’s operations having been hired by Levenson. Ferry was a player for Cleveland Cavaliers and served the role of general manager for the team. Ferry had been the vice president of for San Antonio Spurs where he was in charge of operations before he joined Hawks.

What You Don’t Know About Bruce Levenson

People that follow the NBA, especially fans of the Atlanta Hawks have most probably heard about Bruce Levenson at one point or another. Bruce is among other things a former owner of the NBA team Atlanta Hawks. He is also a business person and takes part in various philanthropic causes in the country. Bruce started out his career as a business person in 1977 when he founded the United Communications Group, a company that was aimed at improving workplace communications. Besides buying and being a director at the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce also invested in Tech Target, which is an IT media company.

Rise to business leadership

Bruce Levenson on ajc hails from a Jewish Family in Washington DC. When he was a little boy, his family migrated to Maryland, where he grew up and attended elementary school and high school. He performed well in his studies and was able to gain entry into the Washington College in St. Louis. He studies arts at the college before proceeding to the American University law school to study law. It was while at the American University that he started his media career as a writer for the Washington star.

Together with partner Ed Peskowitz, Bruce founded United Communications group. The first company was set up inside his apartment. The main work that was done by UCG was the production of Oil magazine which dealt with the main developments taking place in the oil industry at the time. UCG eventually acquired several other newsletters, including Oil Price information and GAsBuddy. It was during this time when Bruce got much-needed experience for business leadership.

Joining the Atlanta Spirit

A company was formed in 2004, whose main aim was to purchase the then Altalnta Spirit LLC. This company was formed by Bruce and his business partner Peskowitz. After the purchase, the two became the main partners to the team. The initial plan had been to buy both the Atlanta Spirit LLC and The Atlanta Thrashers. However, they later decided to sell out of the Thrashers team.

Today, Bruce is a managing partner at the Hawks team and also acts as a member of the Board of Governors to the NBA. In 2014, Bruce made an in-depth analysis of the Hawks African American fan base and decided to sell it. He asked for the help of a renowned investment banking company to assist him with the sale of the team.

Personal life, charity and hobbies

Bruce is married with three children, all of whom are boys. His wife is known as Karen, and together they have a home in Atlanta and another one in Maryland. In addition to being co-founder and part owner at the UCG, he works at BIA Digital Partners as an adviser. His main charity is the holocaust museum where he is the main founding, donor. This charity is very close to his heart, especially due to the fact that his grandmother survived the Holocaust.

It is said that he is also very keen on seeing that the relationship between Israel and the USA remains stable. He once wrote a letter to Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him to work in cooperation with the then US state secretary John Kerry. Bruce is without a doubt a visionary Business leader in the country.

Finding my Inner Unicorn

As a self-titled extrovert with a fiery personality, I like to exhibit my spirit and illuminating personality everywhere I go. What would be the perfect way to demonstrate that I am powerful, unique, not timid, and ready to take on the world by force? Well by wearing bold statement make up of course!
As most of you can agree, finding the perfect shade or quality of make up to match my vibrant personality can be quite difficult. First of all, working in retail is not bringing in the big bucks, and second of all I need make up that will not only hide my dark spots but that would highlight the best features of my skin like my high cheekbones. I knew what image I wanted to portray as a woman. I had to look for make up that will not only aid me but would make sure I would get notice everywhere I go.
On my journey to find the perfect brand of make up that would fit my personality I began to see that there were many options to choose from. Not only were the range of costs among make up so versatile, but the textures,the colors, and the longevity of make up were all different depending on the brand. In order to find the brand that would compliment my skin tone and matched my personality, I began to experiment with different make up companies and to compare and contrast the looks and the feel of the make up. My adventure through the make up aisles of every Pharmacy did not fulfill my desires to find the perfect shade of lipstick to compliment my full luscious lips, so I decided to begin my research on the internet for the most pigmented and moisturizing lipstick in the market. I came across several brands of make-up but there was one in particular that caught my attention; a brand named Lime Crime.
Lime Crime was perfect for me! The make up was wrapped in the most beautiful packaging EVER and the colors were amazingly pigmented, I knew that only a person as passionate with life and color could create such an amazing make-up line. My interest in the make up led me to research the owner of the company and her name is Doe Deere. First off let me tell you that Doe Deere is GORGEOUS.Doe was born in Russia but grew up in New York City. Doe began her career with a clothing line named Lime Crime on pinterest that specialized in bold statement clothing that generally had lime green and pink colors. Doe quickly became more known for her Bold color make up tutorials than her clothing line and decided to focus solely on make up. As a young woman entrepreneur Doe Deere is the perfect example of how success can be achieved through perseverance, vision, and passion. It seemed like not only had I found the perfect make up line for me but a new role model as well.

Slyce Adds Pounce to Shopping With Smartphones

Slyce is a unique high tech shopping technology company out of Toronto, Canada. They provide sophisticated software solutions to all kinds of businesses to enable the kind of visual search that Google and other visual search engines are now offering, but for a much cooler purpose: to enable consumers with smartphones to directly buy any item they see around them in the real world. With the addition of the Pounce application to their solutions, Slyce now enables those same shoppers to search for any kind of buying outlets for items in catalogs, sales flyers, or anything with any kind of bar code. Pounce enables them to do this with a smartphone application that requires no support at all from the automatically-found merchants. Slyce is now working to integrate their merchant-facing software with Pounce’s consumer-facing buying features, based on pictures taken with any supported device, into a new super buyer app.

Slyce will leave Pounce, based out of Tel Aviv, unchanged for their customer base and still integrate all of Pounce’s functionality into Slyce’s existing apps. There will also be several additional search input technologies incorporated, including video and audio recognition, QR code scanning, regular bar code scanning, and Near Field Communication capabilities. Once any item is input using any of these methods, the matching items found across the entire Internet are displayed on the shopper’s screen with an automated buying interface. This provides similar but far better capabilities as Amazon’s Flow and Firefly applications, yet not chained to only buying through Amazon.

Neither company has revealed all the details of the sale, although Slyce claims they were already building features like Pounce provides when they decided Pounce would leverage their time to market much quicker. Both companies say the combination of their separate technologies combines the experience of web-surfer buying with the in-person retail store experience. Another major feature Pounce brings to Slyce is a single entry of payment information no matter how many retailers the shopper visits. These capabilities are not yet offered by other eCommerce providers, such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or PayPal One Touch.

The NBA is a Great Investment

People love sports and they love entertainment. It’s something that’s been true for almost all of human history. The ancient Greeks had wrestling and other athletic competitions. The Romans had chariot races. The whole world over, people have always loved games and competitions, and other people have been more than happy to pay money to watch those individuals compete. There are many who feel that this type of entertainment is far and away better than plays, TV shows, books or other things from which one is a bit more disconnected. Sports are very real and entertaining, and the outcome is different every time.

From a financial perspective, this means that sports are a terrific investment. Teams are constantly worth more and more. If people invest in the big America sports – football, baseball and basketball – there is very little chance that the value of the team is ever going to drop. This makes owning an NBA team a more sound and safe investment than something like investing in technology companies or the stock market. These things rise and fall, but athletic teams just keep going up.

It does take a lot of money to get started. Just ask Bruce Levenson, who owned the Atlanta Hawks for more than a decade. He had to pay millions to get the team. The average person can buy shares in Apple or Wal-Mart, but he or she typically can’t buy part of an NBA team. It takes a significant amount of money to become an owner.

However, for those who have the money to do it, the purchase can pay off. Bruce Levenson moved to sell the Hawks, and some people said he should get $1 billion for the team. In the end, he grabbed around $730-$850 million in the sale. It may not have been $1 billion, but it was a huge sale and he made a lot of money for the decade that he owned the team.

This is not even the most drastic example from the NBA. The LA Clippers were recently sold and they brought in around $2 billion. The value of a team is largely connected to the market in which it plays. The Clippers play in one of the largest markets in the U.S. While Atlanta is a large city, it can’t compare in that regard.

Still, Levenson is living proof that owning a sports team is almost a guaranteed way to make millions – and sometimes billions – of dollars. Americans love sports, and the country’s population is going up constantly. This means there are always more and more people who are looking to go to games. The stadiums are often packed to the doors. Investors are always looking to get involved. Those who have been very successful, financially speaking, have often gotten there by looking for safe ways to make large sums, and buying and selling NBA teams is one of the surest bets that anyone can find in Georgia or in the U.S. as a whole.

The Pieces Are Lining Up In The Syngenta Case

Francisco “Frank” Guerra IV was appointed to be the co-lead counsel in the mass action lawsuit involving Syngenta by Judge Thomas Sipkins according to a Business Wire article. The article also states that he will be sitting on the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee as well. The decision out of Minnesota is made to coordinate with massive a Kansas based litigation that is being seen in front of Judge John Lungstrom.

Guerra was made co-lead counsel in the case involving the genetically modified corn produced by Syngenta and its effects on crop prices and farmers. Guerra has stated that he’s honored to represent American farmers, and it is something his firm has a good deal of experience in. Watts Guerra LLP has been a leading representative of the workforce in the country many times. The firm won a landmark case against Firestone and Ford for the injuries that the Firestone Wilderness AT tire caused in the multiple rollover incidents involving the Ford Explorer.

Mikal Watts, Guerra’s partner at the firm, was a big part of the litigation against Firestone and Ford. His litigation in that case brought about the end of the most critical product liability cases in the country. Mikal Watts has argued in defense of punitive damages in front of the federal appeals courts, and he’s also able to practice law in many states in a process called pro hoc vice. Mikal Watts and Guerra will make wonderful representatives for American farmers in the Syngenta case.

New York Home Buyers Looking for a Touch of Green

New York City has much to recommend it from all the store and restaurant options and entertainment options, not to mention the melting pot of cultures. However, finding in NYC apartments for sale to call home that offers more than concrete and steel can be a little more difficult. Luckily, there are many more options than there used to be for outdoor spaces, yards and gardens in a home according to a New York Times article. Real Estate doesn’t come cheap in New York City, though, and it can be hard to find a good place $500,000 or less.

Brooklyn seems like the place to start a search. The real estate isn’t quite as pricey as other neighborhoods. There is also more places with outdoor spaces in the area. Although many brokers consider a small balcony as an outdoor space, even a small balcony can be spruced up with a container garden. Another area with lower prices is the Bronx. Many of the apartments and condos have balconies large enough for patio furniture. Real estate agents indicate having a balcony can cost 10 percent more than places without one. Queens and Upper Manhattan offer places with actual yards and prices that are worth looking into.

Of course there are also places that will give a buyer everything they desire when it comes to outdoor space, but they have to pay for it. Manhattan has some condos and penthouses with plenty of outdoor space. Don’t care to drop $100 million for a penthouse, you can find one with 3,000 square feet of outdoor space. Of course there are cheaper options in Manhattan as well.

When looking for the perfect place to call home in such a large city, it is good to have a skilled team of real estate agents at your disposal. Town Residential, a luxury real estate services firm located on West 39th Street, was started in 2010. Town Residential lists houses, apartments and condos all over New York City. They may specialize in luxury homes, but they can show houses in all price ranges from a couple hundred thousand to millions. The company also has a division focused on new developments, and has connections to the best contractors, architects and designers in the field.

For more information on finding some outdoor tranquility in New York City, see the New York Times article, “Finding a Little Greenery in New York for $500,000 or Less.”

Joseph Bismark Is Who He Is Today Because Of What He Learned As A Boy

Originally reported on Reuters
Joseph Bismark has made many smart decisions in his life, and one of the smartest decisions that he has ever made for himself was when he decided that he wanted to keep both his mind and body as healthy as he could. He knew that he had to exercise both of them in order to make himself be at his best, and he has always made it a point to do yoga, cycling, and other forms of exercise that affect both his body and mind. As it is said in the article that was released through Reuters, Joseph Bismark believes that being diverse in the exercises that one does is very important. He believes in the power of yoga and meditation, and he believes that everyone should be doing so much beyond that, as well.
Joseph Bismark has been able to make many smart decisions in his career because of the way that he has always kept his brain sharp, and one of the smartest things that he has ever done is to create his business based around the idea that spirituality can be a big part of it. He brought his beliefs into the workplace, and his business had been doing great because of that. It is because of the way that he treats the people that he is working with, and because of the way that he wants them to act, that his business has really taken off and that people are giving it notice.
Joseph Bismark is a great example for people to look up to in all areas of his life, and that is because of the examples that he had to look up to when he was boy. He lived with monks for several years, and they taught him much of what he knows and believes. They taught him to be kind and peaceful, and the spirituality that he has brought into the workplace with him is because of the way that they acted when he was young. He is who he is today because of the way that his opinions were shaped when he was still a boy.