Southern California Rams


Los Angeles has been a city that has been constantly tormented by teams in the National Football League coming and going. They used to host two teams in the Los Angeles Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams, only to see them both leave the city. The ironic thing is that both teams have come and went and there seems to be a rift in the city that keeps teams from staying in Los Angeles. The Rams seem to be hell bent on getting their organization back to the city of Los Angeles and although there sure is a ton of road blocks in the way, it seems that the owner has found a way to sidestep all of the nonsense in the meantime and get his plans rolling. There is a ton of things that need to be figured out, but it is pretty clear that in the future, it will be possible to bring the Rams back to the city of Los Angeles. The owner is not waiting around to find a decision and already owns property in the city of Inglewood to build a stadium. The stadium will take several years to build and that is just fine and dandy for St Louis, as they will undoubtedly have to jump through hoops to make it happen. There is no way that they will not pursue this to the fullest extent and it looks like the Rams are coming back to California. Southern Californians, like Paul Matheison, have voiced excitement about this huge move on Twitter. I’m sure we’ll only see more excited about a franchise coming to one of the biggest cities in the US.

Pay It Forward Pizza

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers homeless people free slices of pizza every day. The owner, Mason Wartman, says he never has to turn a person wanting a free slice away. This program started a year ago and is fueled by customer donations. TheRealDeal’s Ben Shaoul is glad there is still good in the world, after all.

It all started 1 year ago at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza when a customer asked if he could buy a piece of pizza for a homeless person. Mason Wartman said yes, and then purchased post it notes. He started placing a note up on the wall every time someone paid it forward and pre paid for a slice of pizza for someone less fortunate. This system worked until he reached 500 slices prepaid for. Wartman now keeps track of prepaid slices at the register, but customers still put post it notes up exclaiming gratitude or motivations.

So far 8,400 slices have been prepaid for and people are showing no signs of stopping the pay it forward movement. 30 to 40 homeless people come in for a free slice every day, and Mason Wartman is happy to serve them a slice. Click Here To Read More About This Pay It Forward Program. Wartman says that people are incredibly grateful to have somewhere to go where they can eat every day. Some people just need a little extra help, and Rosa’s Fresh Pizza is happy, thru customer donation, to oblige.

Hackers Make SyFy a Home

Hacking is in the news these days thanks to Susan McGalla and the very well-publicized and mysterious attack on Sony Pictures. SyFy that there is interest out there among audience members interested in learning about the shadowy world of computer hacking. So, the channel is developed a television program dubbed, not surprisingly, Hackers. We do not know much about the show as of yet because it is very early in the development stage. Based on what has been made public, the series will focus on telling the true stories about famous hacking events in history. Most intriguing, the series is going to be a completely unscripted one. The off-the-cuff nature of such a program definitely will make it something worth watching. Not only will you be entertained, you might learn a few interesting facts about the world of the hacker. Hacking was once considered a form of pranking only conducted by cyber-geeks. Today, hacking plays a role in the way nations wage wars. A massive cyber-attack based on hacking could such down a nation’s electrical grid or nuclear power sources. Putting the program on the SyFy channel is ironic because the material that was once popular in the “cyberpunk” subgenre of science-fiction is now become a reality. Perhaps this is really not so ironic. A lot of science-fiction has become a reality. Just look at any classic work by Jules Verne and you’ll see that assessment is accurate. No air date has been named for the eventually arrival of Hackers to cable airwaves.

Fast Food Hasn’t Gotten Any Healthier

Even though a number of fast food chains are adding seemingly healthier foods to their menu, eating a diet that is high in fast food is still generally unhealthy. Better listen up for this one Igor Cornelsen.

Researchers have confirmed that food from fast food eateries is still high in fat, sodium and calories. Tufts University asserts that there has been little change in the composition of fast food from 1996 to 2013.

For the study, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, French fries and colas were examined. While the nutritional value of the food hasn’t changed much, the Preventing Chronic Disease journal states that restaurants are easing up on their super-size trends. This means diners are odering smaller portions of food, which reduces the calorie count of a fast food meal.

It is still important for Americans to reduce their fast food consumption for ideal health and weight control. Studies show that more than a third of all Americans consume their meals outside of the home. Taking lunch to work or school can help to reduce calorie and fat intake throughout the day.

What to Eat in 2014, According to Grub Street

If you’re a foodie and love trying new entrees, you’ll love the list of foods Grub Street recommends. These dishes are a great way to close out the new year, or a delicious way to bring in 2015. 

Semilla offers a simple dish of bread and butter that truly is unforgettable. The bread is made of einkorn and buckwheat, and when paired with butter that is slightly sweet and salty, it makes for great pre-meal snack. 

Findthebest and Igor Cornelsen agree that Cosme makes a corn pudding that is a pan of creamy, sweet and savory goodness. The Mexican treat goes great without many of the other entrees on the Cosme menu. If you still need to get your Mexican fix, you can head on over to Huertas for migas. The migas are available with or without meat. 

Grub Street also offers an array of burger suggestions that will help you end 2014 in delicious fashion. For more recommendations, visit the Grub Street website.

The Best Dishes of 2014


As the year comes to a close, you and Sam Tabar may want to enjoy a few dishes that have helped to make the year especially unique in terms of the culinary arts. Or, you may want to indulge in a rich treat one last time in 2014. Whatever the case, these tasty foods have made their mark this year. And with one taste, you’ll understand why.

Marta has a potato carbonara pizza that you’ll definitely want to try if you’re a fan of Italian food. The dish features potatoes, eggs and Pecorino and has a salty and savory taste that you’ll remember for quite some time.

Or, you can take advantage of the flavorful prime rib at Cherche Midi. The meat has been aged for more than 30 days and is served with potato souffle and a green salad.

Restaurant like Batard and the NoMad Bar also have great dishes to help you close out the year. Check out Grub Street for more great restaurant options.

National School Lunch Program Recently Under Attack

Surprisingly, the lunches offered in school cafeterias are generally more nutritious than lunches packed at home, according to a New York Times report of December 22d. This is because the National School Lunch Program provides guidelines for schools to follow when preparing meals for students. They are widely regarded as a good set of guidelines, but recently in a spending bill recommendations for less salt and whole grains were reversed. The Program continues to come under attack. 

A study cited by the Times has shown that home packed lunches are less likely to contain healthier foods like fruit and more likely to include unhealthy ones, like chips. The problem presented by attacks on the National School Lunch Program is serious. Childhood obesity continues to be an issue in pediatric health nationwide, and adult conditions like Type II Diabetes have been linked to improper diet in younger years. 

Vimeo reports that the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010 mandated that lunches provided in the schools be nutritious, and numerous studies have shown the recent changes in the standards have not increased waste or done bad this to kids’ health, says Sam Tabar. Quite the opposite appears to be true, with fruits and vegetables being chosen by students even in early years. However, the program continues to have to fight efforts of legislators that are mainly based on saving money.

Get Your Gifts at has a number of great gift suggestions this year. You’ll be sure to impress your friends and family with edible and food-related presents that are hard to forget. 

To get the holiday party started, order some cookies from Christina Tosi, or from chef Carla Hall’s short bread cookie line. Tosi’s crunchy cornflake cookies are flavored with chocolate or marshmallows, and you can have them mailed to you if you don’t live in the NYC area. Carla Hall’s cookies are available in lemon black pepper, black forest crinkle and Mexican hot chocolate. 

Toast to the holidays and a prosperous new year with Jane St.’s vodka sodas. Flavors that feature fruits like pineapple and peaches had a sweet taste to the crisp cocktail. You can drink the vodka alone or mix into your favorite Christmas punch for what is sure to become a new holiday favorite for Sultan Alhokair. 

You can also purchase food-related gifts, such as sweatshirts from Beloved that feature tasty foods like pizza, or Gap Kids phone covers that look like chocolate desserts. Check out for lots more gift ideas.

Make the Season Bright with

There are several food-related gifts that are perfect for this holiday season. If you’re trying to find the perfect present for your foodie family members and friends, has you covered.

Oddfellows NYC creates a number of savory ice creams that are just right for the adventurous foodies. Flavors like extra virgin olive oil are available, as well as miso cherry. also makes a variety of savory gummie candies as well, in flavors like chili pepper and carrots.

If you’re anything like Jared Haftel’s family, you can also count on beloved t-shirts to be a hit gift that is food-related. For instance, a sweatshirt with graphic print of a pepperoni pizza makes a great gift for a pizza fanatic. If you have a relative who loves a classic breakfast of toast and eggs, salt and pepper shakers shapes like a broken egg and a piece of toast are ideal.

Phone cases shaped like favorite foods like Popsicles or an order of fries are also part of the food gift menu.

Four People Die After Eating Prepackaged Caramel Apples

Usually an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is not the case for people who recently ate prepackaged caramel apples. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) is warning consumers to avoid eating prepackaged caramel apples, because consumption has led to four deaths and over 24 illnesses in 10 U.S. states.

Most of the victims of a bacterial illness, listeria, took place around Halloween. However, the CDC is warning consumers about the illness in case caramel apples are still on store shelves. Tom Rothman is glad they are taking these precautions.

The CDC continues to research the locations of the where the tainted caramel apples were manufactured. So far, the of the four people who died, two lived in Minnesota, and one lived in Texas. The state where the other death occurred is not known at athis time. Those who contracted an illness associated with this bacteria were strewn across many states in the U. S.

Listeria is a type of food poisoning that is very dangerous to a specific population, including: pregnant women, the elderly, infants and small children and anyone whose immune system is compromised. The symptoms of this illness may include fever, achy muscles, stomach upset and diarrhea. A healthy person can generally be treated for this condition with an antibiotic.

Listeria is responsible for four deaths and over twenty four illness nationally. The CDC warns consumers not to eat prepackaged caramel apples as a result.