S’well’s Fashionable and Functional Water Bottles

Starbucks first contacted Sarah Kauss, founder of S’well, when the company’s growth began exploding. The director of marketing and public relations, Katie Garbis, started with the company when the number of employees had doubled in size. S’Well’s creates reusable, fashionable water bottles.

It was 2012 and the second year that S’well had been in business. The company’s stainless steel, eye catching water bottles were steadily growing in popularity. It surprised that Starbucks had noticed S’well’s growth. Kauss was a Harvard Business School graduate and Starbucks wanted her to share her story at their headquarters in Seattle. After Starbucks show interest in the company, S’well’s experienced a surge of business.

The product is functional and fashionable. It comes in a wide variety of designs, colors, and finishes. They are double insulated and non-toxic. They can keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours and liquids cold for up to 24 hours.

Currently, S’well employs 35 people and is receiving buzz all around the world. In 2013, the water bottles were seen at 120 different Starbucks locations and sold very well with no marketing or press.

The S’well business model stresses charity. The company supports UNICEF. They donated $100,000 to support the charity’s efforts to offer clean water to kids all over the world. S’well’s also supports Drink Up. It is a charity that encourages kids to drink more water. The company also supports American Forests which helps protect forest ecosystems that are being threatened.

Starbucks understands that our planet is our most valuable business partner. The well known coffee supplier does its best to decrease their environmental footprint by working on meaningful changes. They continue to build facilities and stores that are energy efficient, saving water and energy, taking time to invest in renewable energy, and taking time to look into new ways to recycle and make environmentally safe cups.

Susan McGalla Is Smacking The Business World

A lot of things come as a result of success, not just hard work, resilience, tolerance and other traits that have become too pandering. Every leader has their best way to handle every kind of situation keeping in mind such common features that make them leaders. No one wants to see a leader who manages a venture like a headless chicken. Our expectations go for a leader who swans like a boss and remains calm on the surface even though they strive to stay afloat. Same applies to women leaders especially those in the business world. Being assertive, aggressive, with empathy, ego-strength and stress tolerance enables ladies manage the hell out of a demanding business.

Whoever said women cannot make it successfully in the business world was 100 percent wrong. Today many women outdo their male counterparts and have risen to prominence with their magnificent abilities to handle what other successful men can handle. Successful business women have been excellent in refraining from showing any cracks that appear. A good example is the well-known Pittsburgh, PA based businesswoman and expert consultant, Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla on about.me has had her flaws (no one is perfect for that matter) but what makes her unique is her confidence in handling issues of all kinds. She exudes as an excellent example of a woman who has flourished in the modern workplace, from a typical office to the boardroom.

Throughout her career, Susan McGalla has never considered gender as a factor in her career objectives. Her father, a football coach, elaborated the unimportance of gender to anyone’s success or failure. From then, she has always considered herself as a person and not on the gender equality/inequality basis. Her parents also taught her the essence of hard work and presenting her ideologies with confidence despite the audience. Mrs. McGalla grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio with her two eldest brothers.

Susan McGalla’s career has been earmarked with hard work, commitment, and outcomes. As a professional in business management, fashion branding and retail positioning, McGalla set into the business world at the Joseph Horne Company serving in different marketing and management positions. Later in 1994, she plied her business with American Eagle, a male dominated company that posed a significant challenge to McGalla. However, this didn’t bring her down and to her credit via hard work and resilience, she prospered making it an experience in her career world. Her primary achievement was the implementation of transformed corporate cultures that geared towards the success of both men and women. Her ability to negotiate, multiple support networks and positive attitude saw her rise to being the president and chief merchandising officer after holding various positions with American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

She later served as the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. where she handled initiating a 3-5 year annual budget and innovative, strategic business planning process. Her insider’s prowess on the intricacies of the retail and fashion sectors enabled her to establish P3 Executive Consulting, LLC after leaving Wet Seal. She now offers expert advice to clients on operational efficiencies, branding, talent management, marketing and others.

Bernardo Chua Takes Organo Gold – Gourmet Coffee to Turkey

Bernardo “Bernie” Chua has taken his gourmet, organic coffee to its 39th global location. As founder, owner and CEO of Organo Gold, Chua says Turkey brings together a diversified region for his distributers and customers.

In an article, originating from PR Newswire, Chua says Turkey is a natural choice to expand his business and production. The country opened the first known coffee house in the 15th century and today’s Turkish consumer seeks a healthier version of the old favorite. Chua has prepared to meet their demands with his Organo Gold. His unique blend of high quality, organic coffee with ganoderma, a type of polypore mushroom that grows on wood and is commonly used Asian medicine, yields the purity and health benefits his customers desire.

Chua grew up in the Philippians. His Chinese heritage connected him, early on, with the use of ganoderma as a health-promoting herb. He is among the first to market it successfully, outside of his region, as a blend for coffees and teas. His involvement in Gano Excel, and now Organo Gold, has earned him a reputation for innovation in product and sales especially on Twitter.

Chua is one of the foremost names in direct sales and believes it to be the best vehicle for the success of his product line. He has received the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal for his top-notch business example and has brought great gains to mulit-level marketing. To manage his business in Turkey, Chua has chosen Paul Jarvis, his Regional Vice President of Africa, CIS and Europe.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia. It sells certified organic coffees, teas and other nutrional and personal care products. Its line is marketed through independent distributors and its Coffee Connoisseur Club.

The Atlanta Hawks and Levenson

The professional basketball team the Atlanta Hawks are located in Atlanta, Georgia and are one of the many teams of the National Basketball Association. The Philips Arena is where the team plays their home games. The Atlanta Hawks is in the Eastern Conference and part of the Southeast Division. The team can be traced back to the Tri-City Blackhawks which was established in 1949. This was the year that the team was included in the National Basketball Association and the National Basketball League. Two years later on wikipedia.org they moved to Milwaukee and changed their name to the Hawks only to change it again to the Atlanta Hawks in 1968. During this time the team won a National Basketball Association Championship, the only time they have ever won.

The Atlanta Hawks have the second-longest time period between Championship wins at 57 seasons and counting. However, they have been to the finals of the National Basketball Association four times after almost 50 year of never making it past the second stage of the Championship playoffs. Most of the Atlanta Hawks troubles can be attributed to their less than stellar player picks during the daft. Out of all the teams they have had the least number of players selected to play in one of the All-Star games. The four players were Jeff Teague, Kevin Willis, Doc Rivers, and Al Horford. This is high hopes that the Atlanta Hawks will see a better season in 2016 based on their choices in the draft and the fact that they have a a few changes in management and coaches.

One of the recent owners of the Atlanta Hawks was Bruce Levenson in partnership with a good friend Ed Peskowitz. Levenson was born in Washington, D.C but spent most of his life in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He went to college in St. Louis at Washington University and also the American University. Shortly after college he met Ed Peskowitz and together they founded the United Communications Group in 1977. The company focused mostly on publishing a weekly newsletter about the oil industry called Oil Express. As the two person company run out of an apartment grew, the newsletter began to cover more topics, including banking, healthcare, and other growing fields. In 2004 the duo became the majority owners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC and the Phillips Arena. This purchase also included the National Hockey Team the Atlanta Thrashers, but they were sold after seven years. Bruce Levenson was also on the National Basketball Association Board of Governors. For the entirety of Levenson’s stay with the Atlanta Hawks the team had made it father towards the Championship than any other point in time. The team’s success can also be attributed to the addition of Danny Ferry in 2013. Ferry was the Atlanta Hawk’s general manager while also being the head of the team’s basketball operations. In 2014 Bruce Levenson let the world know that he was going to sell his portion of ownership, and admits he will be working on his other hobbies now that he had the free time.

New York City Real Estate Has Some Of The Best Homes Out There

If the idea of moving has gotten you down, then it’s time to cheer up. Even though you may need to move from one part of New York City to another, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it on your own. When you’re ready to move your things, you don’t put them on your back and move them to your new home do you? What you do is get a moving truck right? Since you get help when you’re moving, and you don’t do all the moving on your own, then you can also get help finding a new home.

If you’re looking for any type of home in the New York City properties area, a real estate agent can help you find it. There is no need to sit around the whole day and look online, in a magazine, or through a newspaper to find a new home. Although you may be able to find some listings through other resources, your best bet is to choose a real estate agent. A real estate agent is a great choice because they will be able to help you to quickly find a home, compared to when you look for a home on your own.

Even though you may know what type of home you’d like to move into, it may take you a long time to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just tell your real estate agent what you’re looking for, and you’ll be able to get faster results when it comes to hunting for a new home. Everyone thinks that they know exactly what to do when it comes time to look for a new home, but that’s not necessarily the case. Even if you know the New York City area very well, there may be some listings that you can’t find on your own.

If you work with Town Real Estate they can find you some great listings of homes that may not be available to the general public. It’s not unusual that many places that are looking to lease or sell their homes will work directly with real estate agents. If you work with Town Real Estate, you can find some of the most luxurious places that are available in New York City, and you’ll find them without any effort on your part.

Just hire Town Real Estate to conduct a search for you, and the agent can find you a great new place to live. There is no reason why you won’t be satisfied with the homes that are available through Town Real Estate, especially if you work directly with your agent and tell them what you’re looking for. Let Town Real Estate be your realtor when you’re moving to a new home.

How to Love a Dog With Dog Food

Many owners claim to love their dogs. It is easy to believe. After all, they are very indulgent of their dogs. They feed it tasty snacks and reward it for good behavior. However, while many people think they love their dog, how they feed their dogs may not show them to be so loving. This statement can be taken as very offensive to many dog owners, but the truth is many owners love their dogs in a rather thoughtless and lazy way. This is definitely reflected in the food that they buy and feed their dog. While most dog suffer minimal consequences from the junk food, there are other dogs that will suffer severely due to the lack of nutrition.

A better way for someone to love their dog with dog food is to look at the nutrition of the food that they are feeding their dog. For those that are not sure what would make a dog healthier, there is plenty of information available to look up. These pieces of information will provide a lot of advice on what type of nutrition the dog needs in order for it to be healthy. The vet is also a good source of information on nutrition. He can also give advice specific to the dog so that he can be better taken care of.

After looking at what type of nutrition is needed for the dog, then it is time to look for the company that provides the nutrition needed. There are plenty of companies that provide dog food. However, one company that deserves a lot of recognition is Purina. Purina offers Beneful foods. These brands of dog food offer great tasting dishes for the dog as well as good nutrition that will bring out a greater sense of health and overall well being for the house pet.

The most important part of buying healthier dog food is knowing where to buy the food. It is good enough to go to a grocery store and pick up the product. However, one might be interested in finding more varieties of the product than what is available at the grocery store. This is where mass merchandise stores come in. They tend to have a full pet section and not just a dog food section. They also tend to have a larger selection of Beneful foods. Pet stores are definitely the go to place for different types of dog food.

Once the dog eats healthier dog food, he will have greater energy which will better enable him to go on walks and participate in fun activities that bring joy to the whole family. The best way to love a dog is to not just indulge it, but to keep it healthy. When someone loves a dog, he wants it to live a long and healthy life. He does not want his life to be short and full of illness. Feeding the dog healthier food will bring strength to its immune system which will enable it to fight off any illnesses.

“Press Play with Madeleine Brand” Interviews Ski CEO Andy Wirth


I happened to catch an interview with Andy Wirth by Madeleine Brand of KCRW Radio’s “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” In the brief but interesting interview the discussion focused on California’s ski outlook for the coming season. Being an avid skier, I paid attention. Ms. Brand showed some concern over reports from Colorado that due to the volatile weather the warmer winter temperatures will yield smaller amounts of snow fall this coming season and in future seasons. She mentions Colorado is worried that the snow will stop coming due to weather changes, and they are looking at changing their business models. 

Andy With of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts in California doesn’t share the worry with resorts in Colorado over the snow disappearing. Mr. Wirth has a background of understanding weather and he has spent time as a back country ranger in his younger days. Mr. Wirth believes the fault falls on the ‘Ridiculously Resilient Ridge’ whose name was coined by Daniel Swain of Stanford University. The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge blocks high pressure systems that bring moisture to California in the winter. He points out the absence of the RRR, and goes on to explain that while snowfall was down 20 percent this past season, he sees an infinite number of future good ski winters ahead for California. 

The Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts have over 6,000 acres of ski area, and in a worse-case scenario offered by Mr. Wirth only 4,000 acres will be opened to skiers. The absence of the RRR lets the moist air in and the effect will produce colder winters and more snow. Mr. Wirth’s resorts will hedge the winter business with a higher investment in snow making technology. He continues that his two resorts already do a bang up business during the warm months with weddings and meetings, but they will continue to tweak the off season events and activities. The resorts are also aggressively reducing their carbon footprint in their beloved mountains, and you should look for a lively winter ski season beginning the day prior to Thanksgiving. 

Andy Wirth is a philanthropist and entrepreneur and the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Both Sqauw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts are located in the Olympic Valley, California. He was injured in a sky diving accident in 2013, and he is a graduate of Colorado State University and Edinburgh

Digital Maps Shape the Future

The first map known to exist was made 14,000 years ago in Spain. Carved onto a cave wall, the map charts the topography of the area and shows the best places to hunt. Now maps are made digitally, and cartography has become a billion dollar business. According to an article on the Economist. Nokia is looking to sell their digital map making division for upwards of $4 billion.

To many people like Susan McGalla Nokia became less relevant as smartphones took over the cell phone world, but the telecom company has been hard at work mapping every street in the world. To date, Nokia is one of only three companies who can boast that claim. The other two are Google and the Netherlands based TomTom.

Digital maps are much more important than simply making directions to the nearest restaurant. The global shipping industry now depends on accurate digital maps in order to coordinate their cargo ships, planes, and trucks. In addition four out of every five new cars are coming equipped with an on board navigation system. Every smartphone on the market is also equipped with cartography software. Many of the largest firms have even dispatched fleets of cars to take photographs of the view from their maps.

For Nokia to offer a new entity the ability to break into the digital map market fully equipped has attracted a swarm of offers. Notably, car manufacturers are very interested in the deal. Reports suggest that Audi, BMW, and Germany’s Daimler are the three front runners for the deal.

What Does the Beneful Brand Bring to the Table?

When someone is searching for a brand that will offer them the kind of dog food that they want for the pet in their life, they want to find just the right brand. It is important that those who are buying dog food know just what they can expect to find in the brand that they support. Those who are purchasing pet food need to know that the animals in their lives will get the best nutritional support from the food that they are purchasing. It is important that pet owners know that there is food out there that is healthy and top quality.

What is it that Purina’s Beneful brings to the table when it comes to pet owners who are looking for quality food for the dogs in their lives? This brand offers quality food, and food that is going to support the health of those special dogs. This brand offers options that are healthy, tasty, and top quality. When pet owners are looking for good food for their dogs, they can find that through the help that Beneful offers.

Accidentally Selling Out Something No One Wanted

Selling out of a product faster than expected happens occasionally in the business world. One only need look back a few years when the Dollar Razor club tried to move their product with no luck. It wasn’t until they hit the social media forums that they had 5,000 subscribers in a day and completely sold out their inventory. It has happened again. Another useless product has sold out, or at least the retailers thought it was useless.

The invention is call Woof Washer 360, and it basically resembles a small hula hoop with tiny holes inside that spray water to the center. The concept designed by Christian Broda was simply, turn on the water and run the hoop over the dogs body from front to back. As simple as the concept, no one was interested in licensing the product, so it say in the warehouse where no one could get it. Not the one to give up that easily, the inventor always knew there was a market for this product, so he turned to social media.

The video of the Woof Washer 360 received over 61 million views, and you guessed it, the product sold out completely. Now that the product is a smash hit, it didn’t take the inventor too long to finally secure a deal and get more of the product produced. It just goes to show that if the product has some value, it takes a little creativity to get it to the right people before it explodes in sales.